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Nathan Neale

Nathan Neale

Associate Professor
Assistant Chair

Office: B-410J

​​​Dr. Neale joined MDCOB in 2015. He is originally from Yakima, Washington. He has over 20 years of management experience in a variety of industries. His research primarily focuses on restorative justice in response to conflict management in organizational settings.  He also conducts entrepreneurship and hospitality research.

Ph.D. in Business Administration (Management-Organizational Behavior)     Washington State University

Master of Business Administration
Cornell University

Bachelor of Science in Management
University of Phoenix

MBA6202: Strategic Management

MBA6213: Management of Organizational Behavior

MBA6340 Support the Business Strategy

MBA6342: Delivering Business Results

MBA6346: Leader’s Role in Development

MBA6348: Leading Teams for Business Results

MGMT3301: Principles of Management

MGMT3302: Foundations in Human Resource Management

MGMT3303: Negotiations with a Global Perspective

MGMT4308: Leading People and Teams

BA3308: Business Ethics

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