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Donna Kohlhausen

Donna Kohlhausen


Office: B310G

​​​After practicing trial law for over 30 years, Professor Kohlhausen earned her MBA and is now a full time lecturer in the subject of Business Law, Environmental Law, Commercial Law, and Employment Law.

J.D. University of Houston Law Center           

BA 3301: Legal Environment of Business (3) (U) BA 3302: Commercial Law (3) (U)
BA 3303: Global Environmt Issues in Bus (3) (U) 
BA 3315: Employment and Labor Law (3) (U)​​

Ms. Kohlhausen is a Licensed Attorney. She has 88 hours doctoral level coursework. She has 35+ years of experience as practicing attorney and 19 years Post-secondary teaching experience.


Aguinis, H., Werner, S., Abbott, J. L., Angert, C., Park, J. H., & Kohlhausen, D. (2010). "Customer-centric science: Reporting research results with rigor, relevance, and practical impact in mind." Organizational Research Methods, 13, 515-539.​

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