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Professional Land Management Certificate

​The Professional Land Management Certificate program is a noncredit certificate that addresses the growing demand for well-trained and skilled petroleum land management specialists. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the petroleum land management field for professionals who would like to enter the industry or who are already in the energy land management field and are seeking formal training to advance their career. Since 2011, UHD has awarded the PLM Certificate to over 1100 professionals. The program has increased salary and improved career opportunities for professionals with various positions in the PLM field. Upon completion of the required courses, a UHD certificate will be awarded. You must take an exam with AAPL, NADOA or NALTA in order to receive formal certification.​​​​​



This introductory class to petroleum land management takes a methodical approach in laying the foundational principles for oil and gas land management. Topics include: a general introduction to the oil and gas lease, oil and gas law, mineral, surface and royalty rights, calculating net mineral interests; and much more.

24 clock hours — 12 AAPL/NALTA/NADOA recertification hours


Understanding property and mineral ownership and the transferring of title is critical for all those working in petroleum land management. This course takes an in-depth and thorough look at the subject, studying land and mineral ownership in the United States, differing types of property ownership, the rules surrounding ownership & conveying property, varying types of conveyances, testate and intestate succession, the many types of title transfers that result from court actions, curing land titles and the laws governing oil and gas ownership and development.

24 clock hours — 12 AAPL/NALTA/NADOA recertification hours


An essential skill for landmen is negotiating. A landman must know how to prepare for successful negotiations, whether it’s a lease, a basic contract, or other legal documents. Success often requires having an understanding of not only industry-specific information, but also the application of different approaches and techniques in negotiations to enable one to achieve the best end result. Applicable laws and ethical considerations will also be discussed as a part of the negotiating process.

24 clock hours — 12 AAPL/NALTA/NADOA recertification hours


Contracts are the heart and soul of the oil and gas industry which uses a number of unique agreements in order to explore for, develop, produce, and market oil and gas. This course will provide an understanding of contract law and is designed for all oil and gas professionals or those having a desire to work directly or indirectly in land or land administration. Contracts examined in the course will include the Joint Venture Agreement, Area of Mutual Interest Agreement, Seismic Agreements, Surface Agreements, unit operating agreements, unit agreements, the AAPL Joint Operating Agreement and the Farmout Agreement. This course takes a detailed look at these contracts and allows the student an opportunity to see why and when these contracts would be used and the challenges they may pose.

24 clock hours — 12 AAPL/NALTA/NADOA recertification hours


Petroleum land management begins in the hearts and minds of a good geologist. It then moves to a courthouse for the examination of title ownership; from there to the acquisition of an oil and gas lease. Next, to the state regulatory commission or perhaps to the Bureau of Land Management. Next, to the surface owners. A title opinion is rendered, title curative is done, the well is drilled and proper payment of revenue is made. From start to finish, many steps must take place. This class is designed to help the student understand the process of each step along the way.

24 clock hours — 12 AAPL/NALTA/NADOA recertification hours


Even those who have been doing oil and gas calculations for years would agree that calculating interests can sometimes be confusing. This on-line class is not only fun and creative; it is also insightful and full of hands-on oil and gas issues that can be mastered. Each student will experience more than a math class; they will become involved in telling each of the interest owner’s stories with numbers. At the end of the class they will have a fuller understanding of the rules related to title conveyances, burdens, net revenue interests, overriding royalty interests, units, payouts, non-consenting interests and much more.

24 clock hours — 12 AAPL/NALTA/NADOA recertification hours

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