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Marilyn Davies College of Business


The Davies College of Business faculty will work with your team to identify the training goals of your organization, outline desired knowledge, skills and methods, and design a unique program for your employees. By aligning your expected learning outcomes with our Graduate Certificates' curricula and applying proven best practices in staff development, your staff will benefit from a well-planned and effective learning experience.


UHD Graduate Certificate programs are the result of brain-storming sessions with high-level corporate executives and leaders from a variety of industries. These qualified industry experts defined the knowledge and skills critical for individuals to embrace collaboration and achieve with their teams business results. Base on the results of these meetings, our faculty built a cohesive curriculum structured around the following areas:

Click HERE to see an example of a modular instructional design of a leadership training program that crosses several levels of an organization.


A case in point is the tailor-made Leadership Development program that our faculty and continuing education staff recently developed and implemented in partnership with Coca-Cola. After meeting with Coca-Cola executives and analyzing their staff needs, Dr. Kevin Barksdale, Davies​ COB Associate Dean, crafted a two-day hands-on workshop designed to provide Coca-Cola's first level managers with tools and methods to motivate their own teams and support their professional development. Two groups of Coca-Cola managers, 74 employees overall, completed the leadership program. Survey results showed that participants were highly satisfied with the content, relevance of class activities, and instructor's knowledge and expertise.


All programs comprise assessment of learning through projects that require demonstrating practical mastery of knowledge or skills. Upon request, UHD customized training solutions can incorporate pre-established metrics defined with you. In these cases, the impact of a program would be measured through pre and post-tests. In addition, we always conduct opinion surveys on the effectiveness and quality of every training as perceived by participants.

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