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Marilyn Davies College of Business

Coworkers posing to camera in meeting roomRapid growth in the health, management, data processing, and other industries creates many job opportunities for administrative assistants. Although IT technology and software development are expected to substitute some of the administrative support currently provided by office workers, many job openings are expected to come from the expansion of key industries and the need to replace secretaries and administrative assistants who leave the occupation. In the case of healthcare, these occupations are projected to grow in the coming decade at a rapid pace—21% from 2014-2024.​

In order to satisfy the need for well-trained administrative staff, the Davies​ College of Business in partnership with Ed2go offers several training programs that aim at giving individuals the knowledge and skills required to advance an administrative career and make office environments more productive.


This program will allow you to develop your business writing skills as well as your computer skills by mastering Excel making you more valuable in an office environment. It will also prepare you for the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) exam, a certification that will set you apart from others by improving your professional qualifications. Click here for more information.


These trainings will give you the opportunity to work with small businesses by developing your knowledge of accounting principles and becoming Excel 2016 and QuickBooks 2016 savvy. Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, two out of every three jobs are offered by companies with less than 100 employees. Click here for more information.


If you are an experienced bookkeeper and are ready to step up your career, this program is for you. It'll give the opportunity to become a certified bookkeeper who meets the high, national standards of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). Click here for more information.


This program will give you the skills to prepare the tax returns of individuals as well as small businesses. Although tax preparation is seasonal, this program will open new doors for you in the job market. Click here for more information.


The healthcare industry is expected to grow considerably in the next years. Job openings for healthcare administrative assistants are projected to increase through 2024 almost two times as much as the 11% growth rate expected for all jobs. This program will allow you to gain the necessary skills to be part of this booming occupation. Click here for more information.

Last updated 2/28/2017 3:41 AM