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Welcome to the Institute for Business, Ethics, and Public Issues (IBEPI)!

The institute is dedicated to promoting ethical business practices and research that focuses on current and emerging issues, and serving as a forum for the exchange of business information and strategies. To accomplish our mission, we effectively engaged in the following activities:


IBEPI conducts and promotes research on business ethics and the ethical implications of current and emerging business issues. One of our current projects is a three-year research project that is part of the Democratic Engagement & Public Action (DEPA) framework. It was initiated by Dr. Windy Lawrence, Associate Professor in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences. Dr. Carolyn Ashe, Professor in the College of Business, is a part of this research project. The proposed work is both timely and critical, especially since it:

  • Aligns with the mission and vision of UHD to provide students high-impact educational experiences;
  • Fosters interdisciplinary collaborations at UHD that increase faculty agency and achievement; and
  • Builds a foundation for the submission of more interdisciplinary grant proposals to Kettering and other funding agencies.


IBEPI strives to provide our students with an understanding of:

  • The difference between ethics and the law
  • The interrelationship of ethics and social responsibility
  • The role of corporate governance and corporate culture in ethical decision making


The institute facilitates and maintains contacts with business and industry cultivating relationships to uphold and promote ethical business practices. We are actively involved with students, faculty, community, and business to increase awareness of the importance of ethical considerations in business decisions and practices as well as in other social situations. IBEPI has recently participated in the following events:

  1. Deliberation Exercise: “We the People: Our Role in 21st Century American Politics.” Participated with Dr. Windy Lawrence in this event involving students, community, and business.
  2. Business and Community Research Exchange: invited by the Kettering Foundation to participate in this exchange involving selected professionals from across the United States.
  3. Presentation: “Impact of Immigration on U.S. Economy, Ethics, Culture and Politics”. Guest: Atty. Juan R. Castro, who focuses in the areas of employment and family-based immigration as well as criminal defense and civil litigation.
  4. Presentation: “From The Inside Out: Cultivating the Soul in the Corporate World”, sponsored by both the IBEPI and COB Continuing and Professional Education. Our culture minimizes the importance of character and virtue in the work place. Reed argues that good markets---and in microcosm, a good corporate environment---require good people.

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