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Tutoring Center

​​The College of Business Tutoring Center is a program designed to provide all College of Business students, Undergraduate and Graduate students, with all the academic assistance they need to complete their courses. The service is offered free of charge to all College of Business students. The Tutoring Center is staffed with Instructors ​and highly qualified peer tutors who have successfully completed the courses they are tutoring. The tutors are available in-person to students who may need additional help with their classes. The Tutoring Center is located in Rooms B212 and B214. ​

Furthermore, we offer online tutoring via Zoom with the prior approval from one of your tutors. Students will need to have an initial in-person meeting with a tutor to arrange the online tutoring meeting(s).

No Appointments needed for Tutoring Services!!!  Find the Tutor and scheduled time that will meet your need. Please be prepared by working on the problems on your own first and ask specific questions to the Tutors. Tutors are not allowed to do your assignments for you.​​

​The Tutoring Center will be open on June 6, 2022 for summer sessions.

​Accounting - Room B214
Spreedsheet, pen and calculator

Economics - Room B212
Spreedsheet, pen and calculator

Finance - Room B212
Spreedsheet, pen and calculator

Mgmt Information Systems-Room B214
Spreedsheet, pen and calculator​​

MGT 3332 - Room B212
Spreedsheet, pen and calculator

Writing & Reading Center
Spreedsheet, pen and calculator

For more information​, please visit the website of the Writing & Reading Center by clicking on the following link:  Writing & Reading Center​ 

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