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Institute for Business, Ethics, and Public Issues

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Welcome to the Institute for Business, Ethics, and Public Issues (IBEPI)! The institute is dedicated to promoting ethical business practices and research that focuses on current and emerging issues, and serving as a forum for the exchange of business information and strategies.

To accomplish our mission, we actively:

  • Promote the study of business ethics and conduct research focusing on emerging and current issues.
  • Facilitate and maintain contact with business and industry cultivating a relationship to uphold and promote ethical business practices.

In addition, we strive to provide our students with an understanding of:

  • The difference between ethics and the law
  • The interrelationship of ethics and social responsibility
  • The role of corporate governance and corporate culture in ethical decision making.

We hope you will join our efforts in raising public awareness of the importance of business ethics.​​​​

Carolyn Ashe

Dr. Carolyn Ashe, Professor
Director, Institute for Business, E​thics, & Public Issues

College of Business
320 North Main Street, Office B-444​
Houston, TX  77002
(713) 221-8051



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Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.

-Potter Ste​wart​​​

​​​​Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages.

-Thomas Edison

History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict, victory is always with economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was sufficient force to compel them.

-B.R. Ambedkar

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

-Albert Camus

Apart from values and ethics which I have tried to live by, the legacy I would like to leave behind is a very simple one - that I have always stood up for what I consider to be the right thing, and I have tried to be as fair and equitable as I could be.

-Ratan Tata​​

Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not chan​ge with the calendar.

-H. Lawrence

The first step in the evolution of ethics is a sense of solidarity with other human beings.

-Albert Schweitzer

Corporate executives and business owners need to realize that there can be no compromise when it comes to ethics, and there are no easy shortcuts to success.

Ethics need to be carefully sown into the fabric of their companies.

-Vivek Wadhwa

As for money and prestige, if one has an opportunity to make money and/or advance their position or place in life, there can be a lot to weigh and consider, such as responsibilities, goals and objectives. We all make choices, deal with our sense of priorities, principles, ethics, morals, balancing, juggling, making compromises...or not!

-Axl Rose

Live one day at a time emphasizing ethics rather than rules.

​-Wayne Dyer​

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