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My Degree Evaluation

My Degree Evaluation is a computerized advising tool designed to help students and academic advisors evaluate course work against degree requirements. This innovative tool generates an electronic evaluation report that shows how completed UHD courses, transfer courses (from an accredited U.S. institution), and in-progress courses apply toward student’s academic degree requirements.

It also lists hours still required and provides a selection of courses that would fulfill that particular requirement. My Degree Evaluation enables students and advisors to spend less time on record-keeping and more time on program planning to achieve academic career goals.

My Degree Evaluation can be used by all UHD students and academic advisors.

  • Visit UHD eServices
  • Click on "My Degree Evaluation."
  • Click on "Degree Audit (CAPP) Login."
  • Log into eServices.
  • Click on "My Degree Evaluation."
  • Select your term and click "Submit."
  • Click on "Generate Degree Evaluation."
  • Select your program, your term, and click on "Generate Request."

Note: If you have not yet declared a major, you may still generate a degree evaluation by performing a "what-if" analysis.

The What-If selection enables you to run an academic evaluation of any major or minor.

  • Visit UHD eServices
  • Click on "My Degree Evaluation."
  • Click on "Degree Audit (CAPP) Login."
  • Log into eServices.
  • Click on "My Degree Evaluation."
  • Select your term and click "Submit."
  • Click on "What-if Analysis."
  • Select an entry term and click on "Continue."
  • Select a program and click on "Continue."
  • Select your first major and any concentration, if applicable, and click on "Submit."
  • Click on "Generate Request."
Visit UHD eServices (myUHD) and click on the "My Degree Evaluation" link in the Student eServices blue box, as shown in the image below.


Do I still need​​ to see my academic advisor about my degree progress?

Yes. My Degree Evaluation is not a replacement for academic advising. It is a system that should be utilized with your advisor to track academic progress. ​

Who can use My Degree Evaluation?

My Degree Evaluation can be used by all degree-seeking UHD students, faculty, and academic advisors.​

What do I do if my evaluation generates inaccurate curriculum information?

To update or revise curriculum information, you must complete and submit a Major Declaration Application Form. This form is also available at the Office of Registration.​

Why is the expected graduation date on my degree evaluation is wrong?

Once a student has applied for graduation through the online graduation application process, the expected graduate date will reflect correctly.

Note: Graduation applications are submitted online only through myUHD.​

Does the My ​Degree Evaluation system apply all of my courses toward my degree?

My Degree Evaluation browses through courses taken at UHD, transfer credit hours, and in-progress courses to detect courses that match the degree qualifications.

The following will not be utilized by My Degree Evaluation to complete requirements:

  • incomplete grades
  • failed courses
  • withdrawals
  • repeated courses ​

How frequently is​​ My Degree Evaluation updated?

An evaluation updates when degree qualifications change. To see these revisions, you must create a new evaluation.

What if I have difficulty with my evaluation?

Please report any issues you experience while using My Degree Evaluation.​

Does My Evaluation​ include in-progress courses?

Yes. My Degree Evaluation includes all courses in which you are registered.​​

Last updated 11/4/2020 6:33 AM