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New Degree Program Proposal Process

​​In order for a new program to be approved, the following forms/information should be completed.

A. Initial Proposal (internal pilot)

1. Intra-University Discussion

2​. Evaluation of External Data

3. Community involvement

​4. Evaluation of program needs

B. Development of Preliminary degree plan and Proforma for Provost Council

C. Upon approval from Provost Council, development of full proposal and degree plan (policy 3.A.12)

D. Intra-University approval (UCC)​

E. Final Approval from Provost Council

F. 30-day notification to Universities in 50 mile radius

G. Proposal submission to Texas Higher Education Coordination Board and SACSCOC notification/proposal: According to the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy, "A Substantive Change is a significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution." (if substantive change is determined based on the policy, complete the UH​D Compliance Change Form)


FAQ for Certificate Programs

New Complete Degree Program Documents

Preliminary Prog​ram Description Form (internal use only) 

UHS Preliminary Planning Review Form (Required for Provost Council Approval)

UHS THECB Bachelors Masters Degree Planning Form


UHD Certificate Planning Guidelines

UHD Required Documentation for Certificate Proposals

Other Resources

Online and Off-Campus Form

GE Programs Presentation




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