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General Education Common Core Curriculum

​The General Education Common Core Curriculum refers to the 42-credit hours of lower-division courses that must be completed by all UHD students.  The Common Core serves as the foundation of all degree programs at UHD and includes the state-mandated core curriculum required of all public institutions of higher education in Texas. 

​​​​​ ​ ​Faculty Resources​

History & Philosophy of General Education at UHD
1983 Final Report of the Core Curriculum Task Force
​OversightCore Assessment Program
​UHD's General Education Policy: PSXXXX

General Education Committee

UHD General Education Fact Sheet​
THECB Guide for the Texas Core Curriculum Assessment & Assessment Report​ ​

Core Assessment Plan

Core Curriculum Assessment Plan - Mapping of Outcomes for Artifact Collection (Approved 4/7/17)

​Core Assessment Rubrics & Sample Signature Assignments

Instructions for submitting student artifacts to the Core Assessment Archives in BB2:
General Submission Instructions
General Submission Instructions for Faculty Utilizing Turnitin
Submission Instructions for Oral Communication:


Core Assessment Reports
Note:  Use your UHD network credential to access Assessment Reports. 
AY2016 (DRAFT)
AY2015 Finalized
AY2014 Finalized

Core Courses
List of UHD's Common Core Courses
Process for Submitting
Changes ​to the Core
​​Process for submitting changes

Faculty Resources:
Learning Outcomes by Foundational Component Area
Course Change Application
Core Course General Syllabi
Curriculum Workflow Portal (CIR)


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