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Garages & Lots

A student with a valid permit may park, day or night, at the following surface lots: Daly Street parking lot, San Jacinto Street parking lot, Washington Street parking lot, and Lot B. The Shea Street Garage, adjacent to the College of Business is for student, faculty and staff parking. Shea Street Garage overflow parking and weekend parking is available at the student surface lots. Overnight parking is not allowed in the garage. Go here for a map.

Faculty/staff surface lots are located at Commerce Street, Wood Street and Washington Street lots, and Lot A. All garages require gate access cards. Gate access cards are non-transferable; do not use your card to let someone else into the garage; this will deactivate your card for the day. Do not leave the gate access card in direct sunlight or exposed to extreme heat; do not place card near magnetic surfaces; do not punch a slot or hole into card.

UHD is not responsible or liable for any damage to and/or theft of any vehicle, its equipment or content while the vehicle is parked on university owned property.

UNAUTHORIZED PEDESTRIAN OR VEHICULAR USE OF THE RAILROAD TRESTLE IS PROHIBITED BY LAW (Texas Penal Code Article 28.07 (b) (2) (A)) AND IS ENFORCED BY CITATION OR ARREST. Please use the bayou hike and bike trail (on the south side of Washington Street) or city sidewalks (Milam Street to Commerce Street, Commerce Street to Travis Street, Travis Street to Girard Street) to reach the UHD core campus buildings.

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Last updated 2/28/2017 10:36 AM