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Administration and Infrastructure Work Group

Charge of the Work Group:

  • Conduct a gap analysis pertaining to the respective goals and objectives of the existing strategic plan.
  • Gather and summarize accomplishments and success stories relevant to the current UHD strategic Plan to be included in the Bridge Plan.
  • Integrate the new short-time strategic priorities identified by the steering committee into the plan, revise the targets and streamline the existing objectives and strategies.
  • Effectively and regularly communicate to the strategic planning committee.
Standing bi-monthly meetings, and as needed

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

Work Group Members
​Name​Role​Representation​Voting​Term Ends
​Lucy Bowen​Co-Chair​Academic Affairs​Yes​Summer 2020
​Meritza Tamez​Co-Chair​Student Affairs​Yes​Summer 2020
​Hossein Shahrohki​Member​Information Technology​Yes​Summer 2020
​Blake Tritico​Member​Institutional Assessment​Yes​Summer 2020
​Charlie Finch​Member​University College​Yes​Summer 2020
​Sharon Noel​Member​College of Public Service​Yes​Summer 2020
​Tim Rychlec​Member​Facilities Management​Yes​Summer 2020
​Carla Barnette​Member​Police​Yes​Summer 2020
​Ivonne Montalbano​Member​Employment Services & Operations​Yes​Summer 2020
​Mike Cavanaugh​Member​Criminal Justice​Yes​Summer 2020
​Paul Kintzele​Member​Chair, English​Yes​Summer 2020
​Theresa Meneley​Member​Budget Office​Yes​Summer 2020
​Paulina Gamino​Member​Web Tech, CPS​No​Summer 2020
​Timeteo Modrow
​SGA Representative
​Shay Tatum
​SGA Representative

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