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Strategic Planning Steering Committee

Role of the Strategic Steering Committee:

  • Identify the short-and long-term vision and strategic priorities of the institution to facilitate the development of the Bridge Plan and also provide guidance for the FY 2025-2035 Strategic Plan.
  • Charge committees associated with the strategic planning process.
  • Monitor progress and provide guidance to the strategic planning committee and the work groups.
  • Assist in communicating the strategic planning and workgroup updates to the UHD and external communities.
  • Provide final approval for the Bridge Plan and the New Strategic Plan.
Standing Monthly Meetings

Fall 2019 - Fall 2024

Steering Committee Members:

​Name​Role​Representation​Term Ends
Juan Sánchez Muñoz
​Chair​President​Fall 2024
​Eric Carl Link
​Vice-Chair​Provost​Fall 2024
​David Bradley
​Member ​VP, Administration/Finance
​Fall 2024
​Johanna Wolfe​Member​VP, Advancement/University Relations​Fall 2024
​Jimmy Jung​Member​VP, Enrollment Management​Fall 2024
​Faiza Khoja​Member​SAVP, Academic Affairs​Fall 2024
​Mike Duncan​Member​Faculty Senate President​Fall 2020
​Ron Beebe​Member​Faculty Senate President Elect​Fall 2021
​Rhonda Scherer​Member​Staff Council President​Fall 2020
​Bobbi Shaw
​Member​Staff Council President Elect
​Fall 2021
​Shay Tatum​Member​SGA President​Fall 2020
​Erika Harrison​Member​Title IX, Equity & Diversity Officer​Fall 2024
Andrea Shiloh
​Member​Community Partner/Alum
​Fall 2024
​Taheshia Hobbs
​Member​Project Manager
​Fall 2024

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