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Core Assessment Program

Beginning in Fall, 2014, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) required all Texas universities to adopt and assess the six Texas Core Curriculum Objectives distributed across nine Foundational Component Areas of the core.  UHD faculty designed and approved courses in each of the component areas which incorporated the core outcomes.  
The university was also required to construct a comprehensive assessment model to measure the effectiveness of the Core in achieving the Core Curriculum Objectives.  The project has been overseen by the Core Assessment Committee (CAC), a task force appointed by the University Curriculum Committee.  The direct measures of student learning for all Core outcomes is a rubric-based evaluation of “Signature Assignments” that are aligned with the AAC&U VALUE rubrics.    UHD faculty from throughout the university have revised these AAC&U rubrics on several occasions to insure that they meet the needs of their respective disciplines, departments and programs.

At this time, the CAC would like to invite you to familiarize yourself with the rubrics which will be used for assessment of the core and provide feedback using the feedback surveys below each rubric. As your review the rubrics, think about how assignments within your Core course might align with the dimensions of each rubric. The surveys will enable you to provide feedback on both the dimensions and the performance level of each rubric.

Please address questions you may have about the core curriculum, the Core Assessment Plan or the Signature Assignments to any member of the Core Assessment Committee:

Vida Robertson, Chair (English)

Shohreh Hashemi, (Finance, Accounting & EIS)

Brad Hoge, (Natural Sciences)

Melissa Hovsepian, (Interdisciplinary Studies)

John Kelly, (Urban Education)

Heather Goltz, (Social Work)

Lea Campbell (Institutional Effectiveness)

​Critical Thinking

​All courses in the core, including seminar courses, are responsible for critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Rubrics

Critical Thinking Feedback Survey

Inquiry & Analysis Feedback Survey

​Communication - Written

​All courses in the core including seminar courses are responsible for written communication.

Written Communication Rubric

Written Communication Feedback Survey

​Communication - Visual

​All courses in the core are responsible for Communication. Charts, graphs, diagrams, models, concept maps, PowerPoint slides and illustrations are just a few examples that fall into the category of visual communication.

Visual Communication Rubric

Visual Communication Feedback Survey

​Communication - Oral

​All courses in the core except those in the Social & Behavioral Sciences are responsible for oral communication.

Oral Communication Rubric

Oral Communication Feedback Survey

​Quantitative and Empirical Reasoning

​Courses in Mathematics, Life & Physical Sciences and Social & Behavioral Sciences, including seminar courses in these bands, are responsible for quantitative and empirical reasoning.

Quantitative & Empirical Reasoning Rubric

Qualitative & Empirical Reasoning Feedback Survey


​Core courses in Written & Oral Communication, Life & Physical Sciences, and Creative Arts, including seminar courses in these bands, are responsible for teamwork.

Teamwork Rubric

Teamwork Feedback Survey

​Personal Responsibility

​Written & Oral Communication, Language, Philosophy & Culture, American History and Government, including seminar courses in these bands, are responsible for personal responsibility.


Personal Responsibility Rubric

Personal Responsibility Feedback Survey

​Social Responsibility

​Language, Philosophy & Culture, Creative Arts, American History, Government, and Social and Behavioral Sciences, and seminar courses in these bands, are responsible for social responsibility.

Social Responsibility Rubric

Intercultural Competence Feedback Survey

Civic Responsibility Feedback Survey

Knowledge of Engaging in Regional, National, and Global Communities Feedback Survey


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