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Success Stories: Nancy Adossi

Alumna Channels Experiences into a Bright Future

Nancy Adossi Few of us have encountered experiences as Nancy Adossi, UHD graduate speaker during the UHD commencement ceremony. A native of Togo, an African country facing political unrest, her family was forced to leave their home. "Rebels forced their way into our house and demanded us, at the point of guns and rifles, to leave the house immediately," she states.

At 9 years old, Nancy and her family "gathered what we could and walked to the Ghanaian border. Along the way, we saw many of our neighbors lying dead on the streets. So both of my parents made every effort to relocate the entire family to America."

Graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in political science, Adossi explains that when she first arrived she didn't know the language, and was placed in a fourth grade class rather than her age-appropriate sixth grade level. This drove her determination to learn the language and succeed. Today she is articulate and speaks perfect English, and is still driven to excel. "One day I would like to be the first female secretary-general of the United Nations," she said with a smile. Her master of English, French and Ewe, a tribal language, should serve her well in future international work.


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