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Success Stories: Madeline Johnson

Madeline Johnson

Madeline Johnson is no stranger to working hard to accomplish her goals. After changing professions from lawyer to professor, she went back to school to earn a doctorate degree in an entirely different field, marketing.

Johnson, a marketing professor at the University of Houston-Downtown's College of Business, was practicing law when a client suggested she try teaching instead. In 1983, she joined the UHD staff as an assistant professor of business law and seven years later she decided to go back to school for a doctorate degree in marketing.

Today, Johnson teaches marketing strategy and electronic marketing to UHD students and serves as the assistant chair for the Department of Management, Marketing and Business Administration.

"I enjoy seeing students get excited about what's new in marketing and using what's been done in the past to see the future of the discipline," Johnson said.

To accomplish this, Johnson engages her students in challenging class projects that require a lot of hard work. She partners with an educational vendor that matches her advanced marketing classes with corporations or organizations looking for marketing support. Past clients have included Honda and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Students work together to create marketing plans, work within deadlines and learn about client relations.

For her dedication to the field and her outstanding service to UHD, Johnson received the 1993 UHD Award for Excellence in Service, the 2000 UHD Award for Excellence in Teaching and the 2001 Minnie Stevens Piper Award for teaching excellence. She credits her success in part to her career change.

"Every discipline has its own way of seeing the world and I had to learn how to think in a marketing framework instead of a legal one," she said. "I was also working full-time while attending school and I think it made me a much better teacher and gave me an appreciation of the challenges facing UHD students."


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