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Success Stories: Luzette Watkins

A Hero Among Us

Luzette Watkins UHD Criminal Justice Cadet, Luzette Watkins, is a true hero. As an officer of the law, she has been involved in a high speed chase with gunfire pinging off her car, she has chased down criminals on foot, and led New York City's citizens to safety during the 9/11 attacks. Luzette has received commendations, awards, and recognition for the service she has provided in keeping citizens safe.

Originally from the Bronx, Watkins was working in the department of corrections during the 9/11 attack. She recalls visiting her boss in his office when a loud explosion interrupted their conversation. They turned to look out his window and saw the first plane lodged in the World Trade Center. They immediately sprang into action. Having no protective equipment to wear, Watkins worked on the streets to move people to safety. Her role was to keep people out of the area—including family who knew loved ones were in the World Trade Center. Her calm, focused presence was an asset when trying to reason with hysterical people—but they listened to her.

This calm presence takes over when crisis erupts. Watkins recalls being in a high speed chase as bullets were being fired at her police car. Her partner drove as Watkins' calm voice radioed concise instructions. Somehow she knew the importance of maintaining composure while understanding that the next bullet that came at their police car might hit her.

Watkins explains that "this job shouldn't be taken lightly." Indeed, she understands the seriousness of it. Through it all she explains her clear focus: "To put others first." We are fortunate that dedicated officers like Luzette Watkins are on our streets, keeping all of us safe.


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