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Success Stories: Erica Flores

Erica Flores

UHD student Erica Flores always wanted to be a teacher. In sixth grade she realized that this was her calling and since then, has set her eyes on the classroom.

"I hear it takes a lot of patience," she says as she laughs. "And I want to teach kindergarten!" But Flores realized that she could do it after one summer when she worked full time as a babysitter for three of her young cousins. This was a positive experience and she found that she had the patience—and stamina—to teach young children. Now in her sophomore year, she is looking forward to delving into the intensive urban education classes she'll be able to pursue next semester.

"I love UHD and I'm going to stay here," says Flores. When considering colleges, she looked at other options in Texas, but decided to stay in Houston. When she found that UHD had a smaller campus and the Urban Education program, this appealed to her. "I wanted to be able to talk to my professors. Here, they actually know who I am. This is the school for me. This is where I'll stay."

This close relationship with UHD professors and mentors even enabled her to find employment while a student. "I wanted to work and considered working at a grocery store but my advisor, David Morales said, 'why don't you work here?' He showed me work-study positions that were listed online."

The thought of working on campus appealed to Flores, and she was thrilled when the next day Morales told her there was a position that might be right for her in the Community Relations department. "I stopped by the office and got the job. I love it. We all get along really well." Flores appreciates being able to maximize her work time and class time by doing both with one daily commute. "We're really busy there, but we laugh and have fun."

The same skills required of a teacher—patience and stamina—are serving her well in the busy Community Relations department.

"At UHD it feels like a family—like home. I'm going to graduate here."


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