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Success Stories: Donte Lewis

Ed-U-Gator Has Spirit

Donte Lewis

Donte Lewis is a born entertainer and the life of the party. He's fun, energetic and likes to make people smile, so what better job is there than to embody the school's toothy mascot, Ed-U-Gator.

Lewis is a freshman Criminal Justice major with a knack for entertaining. He's a joker, a mime dancer at his church, a skater and a great bowler. After college he'd like to join a police force or the FBI and serve on the narcotics and gang task forces. That is, if being a professional mascot doesn't pan out.

Lewis got his first taste of mascoting in elementary school when he met Clutch, the Houston Rockets' bear mascot.

"The Rockets had a tutoring program with my school and my tutor was Clutch. I was so inspired by his energy," Lewis said. "When I came to UHD, I asked about being the mascot and luckily I was given the opportunity."

Lewis attended the Second Annual Rockets Mascot Camp to learn more about the intricacies of being a mascot. He learned the do's and don't's, including not being photographed without the mascot mask, and various tips and tricks to stay active and get a message across to spectators without speaking.

"I just want to make people smile and will do whatever it takes to get them talking or involved," Lewis said. "If I can get a smile out of a person I know that I've done my job."

To see Lewis in action, visit one of the UHD club basketball home games or some of the University wide events like Registration Fair, Welcome Week and Halloween Bash. He'll be the large green alligator keeping people happy and entertained.

Whether as Donte Lewis the student or Ed-U-Gator the mascot, this young man is a wonderful ambassador for UHD.


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