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Success Stories: Cheryl Greaux

Cheryl Greaux

UHD MBA student Cheryl Greaux believes that, "it always gets better," and her educational journey supports her mantra.

Greaux notes that the first time she enrolled in college, she was not ready. She made the decision to work for two years before pursuing her education and when she returned, the time was right. In fact, she graduated from UHD with a 3.93 grade-point average, a member of the Business Honor Society and Dean's List.

"I got to the point where my 'engine' was on autopilot, simply carrying me through my day-to-day life without the opportunities I had envisioned for myself," Greaux says. "At that point, I knew it was time to return to school and create the life and professional path I desired."

She completed her baccalaureate degree in international business administration and then enrolled in UHD's inaugural MBA class. She plans to apply the real-world, critical thinking skills she gains in her courses to her current management role with Hines, a real estate firm in Houston. Following graduation in December 2013, she hopes to help lead the company as an executive.

"One reason I chose UHD for my MBA was the breadth of experience my professors have in the business world," she says. "In every class, I'm gaining applicable business skills from faculty, many of whom have led successful companies and organizations. I feel like I'm getting 'on-the-job' training without ever leaving the classroom that will directly enhance my leadership in the boardroom."

Another key motivator for Greaux in choosing UHD's MBA program was the diversity that characterizes the program. "I can walk into any one of my classes and see faces from all cultures and backgrounds," she says. "I love the diversity and overall atmosphere at UHD. From our connection with downtown Houston to the affordable tuition, I feel right at home at UHD."


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