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Boot camp includes body weight exercises and interval and strength training. This class has been designed to push participants harder than they would push themselves and, in that way, resembles a military boot camp.

If you’re interested in the benefits of Yoga, but are intimidated (or even frightened) by some of the poses, then this is the class for you. This 45-minute class shares the basic principles of Yoga – focus, centering, balance, and flexibility while maintaining a peaceful and relaxing environment…No stress allowed!


This 30-minute class concentrates on strengthening the abs, the lower back and the muscles of the gluteus. While perfecting squats and lunges, why not work out the biceps, triceps and shoulders for extra benefit. Including a short warm-up and cool down, this class may be abbreviated in length, but the benefits are long-lasting.

This cardio workout consists of choreographed step patterns. The intensity is determined by speed and execution of movements. A portion of the class includes light weights as a strengthening component making this a total body workout session.

The workout consists of choreographed step patterns to provide a solid cardio workout.   The intensity is determined by the speed and execution of the movements.  The step portion of the class will be followed by an abdominal workout incorporating a variety of exercises to strengthen the abs and core.

Enjoy the benefits of a step aerobics class in a fraction of the time. The class is 45-minutes, but you will leave having experienced a full body workout with cardio on the steps, toning with light weights, and abdominal exercises.

Ditch the routine and join the party! Zumba® has evolved from a Latin inspired aerobic dance class into a way of life for millions and UHD class participants have joined in. Dance styles like Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia, and more are transformed into aerobic routines and combinations. You’ll have so much fun; you won’t want the party to end!

Specialty Classes
These classes are offered during the Fall and Spring semester only.


It's hip hop, it's pop, it's a fusion of dance moves put to popular music of today and yesterday. The professional dancer teaching this class has made teaching from the soul an art form. The movements are broken down and constructed in a way that allows everyone to follow with ease. This class is suitable for all levels.

Learn the art of dance influenced by Latin culture right here at UHD. Taught by a professional dance instructor, this 10-week course showcases Merengue and Salsa styles. Participants will learn skills for dancing in the Latin style as well as how to dance with a partner. The instructor will keep you moving while showing you the techniques you need to shine on the dance floor.

Inspired by the hit reality television show and competition, So You Think You Can Dance, this class will offer a variety of dance styles from contemporary to Broadway jazz to . Each week participants will “pull from the hat” to select the style of dance they will learn during the following week’s class. At the end of the 10-weeks, the class will have a variety of routines that will showcase just how much they can dance!



This class is intended for the beginning martial arts student, but even more experienced people will benefit from the repetition and focus on fundamentals. Martial art fundamentals include proper body alignment, weight distribution, and breathing rhythm. Repetition of movements is crucial to creating a body that will react positively without thinking.

Specific activities that will be practiced:

*Close contact self-defense and sparring will be done on an individual basis.  No student is required to do anything that makes them feel uncomfortable.


A total body workout that focuses on the core muscles to enhance muscular balance & strength without adding bulk. This is a fun class that also offers outstanding stretching and calorie consumption without intensive impact on the joints. In addition, People who regularly participate in Pilates feel they have better posture, are less prone to injury, and experience better overall health.


Yoga is a class that involves mind-body connection that helps to develop focus, balance, strength & flexibility. With each pose, the body grows stronger and more toned to function better on a daily basis. It is not just a form of exercise, but a way of life. This class is designed to provide instructions on the basic yoga methods, breathing and stretching.

Note about Pilates & Yoga:
A limited number of mats are available for use, but students are welcome to bring their own.

Kick w/ Weights


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