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Vision & Values



UH-Downtown is committed to preparing students to become the most effective leaders they can be. Project Leadership UHD, housed in the Office of Student Activities & Events was designed to provide accessible, effective leadership training for students by offering a student-friendly means to learn and participate in leadership development opportunities both on campus and throughout the Houston Community.



Project Leadership UHD envisions a campus environment in which leadership is understood as a process based on respect and the valuing of difference. In addition, the leadership program envisions a cohesive framework within which campus-based leadership opportunities are organized and presented to students.



The goal of Project Leadership UHD is to encourage students to bring about social change, our values reflect those of the Social Change Model of Leadership. These values include:



A commitment and desire to serve and be active in changing and bettering our communities will naturally promote leadership skills and initiative in students.



A conviction to be honest and reliable is necessary to be an effective leader, as this demands respect from the people that the student leads.



The idea of change naturally constitutes creativity, and if students are willing to step out of the comfortable but limiting constructs set by society and their own micro cultures, they will be more apt to lead.



Students willing to accept the differences of all people will be able to lead all people.



A leader must be wiling and able to learn as well as teach; he must be able to adapt to adverse situations and carry and recall the knowledge gained form every experience.



In order to lead, students must know the goings on of other students and individuals within the campus and city community. They must actively participate in the activities and “life” of the community in which they serve.



In order for other students to follow a leader, the leader must establish a foundation of trust so that the followers can be sure that they will truly benefit from the efforts and action taken by the leader.



A leader must have a goal and plan of action when attempting to lead others to a change.








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