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Student Visa Inquiries



Some Helpful Hints for Getting Your Visa 

The first step to getting a visa is having an I-20. Mail can be a slow and imperfect process. To be certain you receive your I-20 in time for your interview, include an extra US$50.00 with your application and a signed letter stating that you want your I-20 express-mailed by a carrier service and you will pay any additional charges for express-mailing. It will arrive securely. 

Most visas that are refused are not granted because the student cannot show compellingly that he or she will return home after finishing school. Having strong evidence that you wish to return to your country will help you get your visa. 

When you go to your visa interview, you need to take your I-20, your letter of acceptance, your original bank letter and your signed affidavit of support. We return these originals to you when we send your I-20 to you. 

If you are not granted a visa, you may request that we send an email or fax to the embassy official in support of your case. You must have the name of the official and the fax number or email address. 

Tips and Advice on Obtaining the Student Visa



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