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Meet Our Staff


Gail Kellersberger

Gail KellerbergerWelcome to our English Language Institute faculty section.  On the next few pages, you can meet some of our instructors.  I am Gail Kellersberger, the Director of the ELI.  The ELI has a highly experienced group of instructors to help you learn English quickly and well.  They are also the type of people whom you can have fun with and talk to when you need someone to help you with special situations.  Let me introduce myself to you first.  I am a writer, an artist, a teacher and an administrator.  I have worked at the ELI for many years, as an instructor and in administrative positions.  I care very deeply about the quality of our ELI program, and I am committed to making each student's experience with us the very best possible.  You can come to see me any time -- my door is always open!


Lynn Bunker

Lynn BunkerHi! I'm Lynn Bunker, the Lab Coordinator at the ELI.  I am really a farmboy from a wheat farm in Kansas, but I've lived in big cities and have been a teacher most of my life. I like my work because I get to meet people from all over the world.  Students have a lot of fun in my class. Recently, students have been working on a newspaper, and they have enjoyed taking photos, interviewing people, and writing headlines.  I like all areas of teaching English, but I consider writing, grammar, and pronunciation to be my specialties. Traveling, rock music, and the Internet are my hobbies.  I got the "travel bug" after living in Greece for two and a half years.   I've also visited other places in Europe, Egypt, and many countries in Latin America.   I speak Spanish, and a little Greek and Arabic.

Michelle Estep

Michelle EstepMy name is Michelle Estep. I'm a native Texan and have lived in Houston most of my life.   I have been a teacher for several years. The first part of my career I spent working in Riga, Latvia. After working as an adjunct for a while, I became a full time instructor a few years ago. I really love my work. I especially like teaching grammar, listening/speaking and writing. I try to give my students the confidence to go out and speak English every day. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also ELI texts.  Other than work, I spend most of my time remodeling my house and caring for my two dogs and three cats.


Adjunct Faculty


This is the ELI adjunct faculty. A number of these instructors have been with the ELI for 20 years or more. That is because they enjoy working with ELI students and they support the programs offered in English language. Many of these faculty members speak other languages, have lived and worked in other countries, and have devoted their lives to cross-cultural issues and situations. You will benefit from their rich experiences and interest in the ways that life is lived in other countries.


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