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Office of the President

Faculty Merit Raises

Aug. 16, 2013


Dear Faculty:

I am pleased to inform you that the UHS Board of Regents has approved merit increases for eligible UHD faculty for 2014.

As a result of the strong enrollment growth experienced by UHD in FY2013, which drove revenue through both tuition/fee collections and formula-generated general revenue, UHD is positioned to provide faculty merit increases based on the guidelines of this communication.

In review of our policies and the formula related to distribution of merit pay, we have determined it does not meet the requirements of state legislation. As a result, we have modified the distribution of merit pay accordingly.

While the majority of eligible faculty will receive a merit adjustment, the Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy PS 10.A.05 has been suspended to meet the requirements of the Texas State Legislature and the expectations of the UHS Board of Regents. In order to be compliant with these requirements, faculty merit increases will be subject to the following modifications to the formula now existing in policy:

  • Approximately 10-15 percent of total faculty by College/Department will receive a high merit increase with a cap of 5 percent per faculty member.
  • Approximately 10 percent of total faculty by College/Department will not receive an increase, based on their performance evaluations.

In response to these modifications, each dean has made merit recommendations for their College's faculty. The deans have submitted their recommendations to the Office of the Provost. Merit raise distributions without any individual identification will be provided to the Faculty Senate.

We will continue to hold 2 percent of the total faculty salary pool with the expectation that we will address equity differentials following a compensation study scheduled for this fall.

It is important to note that merit increases are separate from those raises that are associated with promotion and tenure. Other funds have been identified in the FY2014 budget to cover the faculty promotions that were approved by the UHS Board of Regents last May.

Employees who failed to complete all mandatory training for the preceding year, as required by the UHS Administrative Memorandum (SAM) 02.A.26 are ineligible for merit raises.

I have notified the Academic Affairs Council that the UHD Faculty Performance Evaluation Policy PS 10.A.05 must be revised in the next academic year to address the disparity between UHD policy, State of Texas requirements and Board of Regents expectations. This is a critical issue and must be resolved in a timely fashion to ensure future salary increases.

Employment Services and Operations will be sending additional communications regarding when specific merit information will be available and how it can be accessed.

As always, I greatly appreciate your dedication and support of UHD and its mission to provide an educational "Major Opportunity" to our region.


Bill Flores
UHD President


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