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Office of the President

Message to the University Community

Welcome to Spring Semester 2012

Jan. 17, 2012


New students, returning students, faculty and staff,

I'd like to welcome you back for the start of a new semester. I've said it before, and it is worth repeating - it is an exciting time to be at UHD. It seems I've said that often enough I'm creating my own cliché, so I'll change that... it is a time for great opportunities at UHD. Well, they are both true.

If this is your first semester at UHD, you will see a lot of construction activity. If you are returning to campus, you will notice contractors have made a lot of progress. Everyone will see some great programs planned for the coming semester starting with a series of Black History Month events.

A quick update: We have a new Academic Building Parking Garage for visitors and reserved parking. That means more parking spaces are available in the Faculty/Staff Garage and in other locations. METRO is extending the light rail line to serve communities to the north. For us that means a new Main Street Bridge, new parking lot access, new pedestrian walkways including a "tunnel" to the Shea Street Building, new landscaping, new traffic signals and many other things. The new hike and bike trail through campus will be finished and open in the next few weeks. Improvements to our W. I. Dykes Library are nearing completion and will make a fine facility even better.

While those projects are not all UHD projects, they address the issues of growth, access, safety, transportation and educational resources. They move us toward the future and will help us create opportunities.

UHD provides an opportunity for student success. We help students acquire the skills they need to progress through school to receive their degrees, have successful careers and hopefully fulfilling lives. We have found the best way to do that is to give students a series of educational experiences that have such an impact that they won't forget them. As faculty and staff members, it is up to us to be creative, inventive, resourceful and stretch a bit to provide those experiences and those opportunities.

This semester, everyone, look for your might be a special assignment, a field trip, a guest lecture, a research project, a film festival, a play or an art show. I know it can be difficult to make time. We all have a lot of commitments, but you will find opportunities at UHD that you will not find anywhere else. You never know, that next opportunity could change your life.

Again, welcome to UHD's Spring Semester. It's an exciting time for an opportunity at UHD.


Bill Flores
UHD President


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