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Things to Do Better or Quit Doing

These are ideas that were received and processed through April 22, 2011. More suggestions will be added periodically.

  • Could motion sensors to turn on lights be installed in areas of the buildings in which the lights are always on, but there is not heavy traffic?
  • Consolidate advising. Student's should not have to have two different advisors (i.e., one before they declare their major and one after they declare their major) who sometimes provide contradictory information).

    Remove blocks to registration. Let student's register for whatever they want and suffer the consequences of poor self-advising! If there were software in place to check properly for pre-requisites, it would eliminate the need for 75% of all advising that requires the advisor to check manually for pre-requisites before entering a course approval and "allowing" a student to register.

  • Disconnect office and classroom phones, send them back, and discontinue the associated phone service…perhaps even on a voluntary basis. I can't remember the last time I used my office phone. Some faculty members already have their phone disconnected and stored in a desk drawer. Why should we be paying rent on the phones and a paying a monthly fee for their use if people are simply using their cell phones?


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