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Dr. Ruth Robbins

Finance, Accounting, & Computer Information Systems



Dr. Ruth Robbins is a professor of computer information systems.  She teaches Introduction to Computers, Management Information Systems, Introduction to Databases, Programming Languages, and Senior Projects. Dr. Robbins is also Coordinator of the Computer Information Systems discipline at UHD.  She teaches both online and face-to-face classes and she encourages students to develop an online portfolio to serve as a means of introducing them and their class work experiences to potential employers and graduate schools. Dr. Robbins enjoys college football, college basketball, and walking. She also line dances, crochets, and gardens. Most of her  time, however, is spent with her husband, children and grandchildren.

Exhibited Publications

Cunningham, Merrilee, and Ruth Robbins. “The Laptop Component in the Learners’ Community.” ACET Journal of Computer Education and Research 4 (2006): n.p.

Cunningham, Merrilee, Erin Hodgess, and Ruth Robbins. “Distance Education Contingency Planning: Hybridization in Disaster Recovery.” Journal of Information Technology Impact 3.2 (2003): 91-100.




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