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Top Choices

Journals and magazines in religion and philosophy. (Some full-text).

A multi-disciplinary database of journals, magazines, book chapters, and government reports. (Some full-text).

Basic information from specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. (Full-text).

Journal archives back to 1831. Recent issues (past 3-5 years) not included. (Full-text).
Purchase made possible by a generous donation from the Rockwell Fund.

A multi-disciplinary index of journal and magazine articles from 1982 to present. (Some full-text).

An index of high impact research journals in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. (Citations only).


Other Choices

American magazines published between 1693 and 1865. (Full-text).

A personal web site with summaries of published statistics on religions and church membership. (Full-text).

An index of journals, book chapters, and dissertations in United States and Canadian history. (Some full-text).

American magazines published between 1740 and 1940. (Full-text).

Data on churches, church membership, clergy, and denominations. (Full-text).

Reports on "hot" topics with detailed analysis and opposing viewpoints. (Full-text).

Electronic books with full-text searching, bookmarks, and personal notes. (Full-text).
Free software is required: download ebrary Reader™

Electronic books from academic, professional, and popular publishers. (Full-text).

The complete encyclopedia, plus Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. (Full-text).

A comprehensive encyclopedia of Jewish life, history, and religion. (Full-text).

Covers 2,300 North American religious groups. (Full-text).

An encyclopedia of the Buddhist world view and teachings. (Full-text).

An encyclopedia of Islam in the modern world. (Full-text).

The standard encyclopedia of world religions. (Full-text).

Watch films and video in the humanities, sciences, business, health and social sciences. (Streaming media).

Browse polls by date or choose Search within this publication. (Full-text).

Annnual survey from 1972 to 2000. Data to analyze with SPSS software. (Full-text).

An Internet search engine for scholarly journals and books with links to UHD-purchased content. (Some full-text).

An index of journals, books, and other publications in world history from 1450 to present. (Some full-text).

Now known as EBSCOhost E-Books. (This cross-reference will be removed on 7/21/12).

An encyclopedia of Catholic history, theology, and philosophy. (Full-text).

Find more than 20,000 electronic books by author, title, or subject. (Internet links).

Editorials, news, statistics, multimedia, and web sites on controversial topics. (Full-text).

Dictionaries of the Bible, Buddhism, Islam, Jewish Religion, World Religions, and more. (Full-text).

More than 2,500 electronic books from Oxford University Press. (Full-text).

Articles from over 550 periodicals in the social sciences and humanities from 1665 - 2000. (Full-text).

An index of journals and book in philosophy from 1940 to present. (Some full-text).

Resources on American popular culture from 1900 to the present. (Full-text).

Electronic journals in the humanities and the social sciences. (Full-text).

An index of journals and books in sociology, social work, and criminology. (Some full-text).

A catalog of 58 million books, dissertations, sound recordings, and videos available in libraries. (Citations only).

Covers the history, practices, and beliefs of major world religions. (Full-text).




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