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Top Choices

An index of United States government publications, reports, and testimony. (Some full-text).

Statistical reports from U.S. government agencies. (Some full-text).

A portal to United States government Internet publications. (Some full-text).

A comprehensive index of United States government publications. (Some full-text).

Houston city laws and regulations. (Full-text).

A database of news, legal information, and business information. (Full-text).

U.S. Congressional publications such as bills, hearings, speeches, and voting records.(Full-text).

Free Web site with city laws and regulations . (Full-text).

Journals, periodicals, articles, abstracts, and conference papers covering global political topics. (Some full-text).

Social, political, and economic statistics of the United States from 1878 to present. (Full-text).

Bills, treaties, reports, and other legislative information from the Texas legislature. (Full-text).

Bills, treaties, reports, and other legislative information from the U.S. Congress. (Full-text).

Web sites and contacts for United States government agencies. (Full-text).

The best source for legal research, plus news and business information. (Full-text).


More Choices

Links on Texas business, government, geography, history, laws, etc. (Internet links).

Archive of speeches, documents, and statistics. (Full-text).

Presidential history, policies, and practices. (Full-text).

Biographies of every member of Congress from 1774 to present. (Full-text).

Annual statement of the federal budget. (Full-text).

Tax codes, regulations, and court cases, plus IRS publications, and the U.S. Master Tax Guide. (Full-text).

Information about the geography, people, government, economy, and military of each nation. (Full-text).

Profiles of 193 countries and their cities. (Full-text).

The official City of Houston Web site. (Full-text).

Finance reports for local candidates. (Full-text).

Federal regulations compiled by subject. (Full-text).

The official directory of the current United States Congress. (Full-text).

Historical archive of debates and statutes. (Full-text).

Constitutions of nations worldwide in original language and English translation. (Internet links).

Reports cover prisons, police, trials, civil liberties, women, minorities, worker rights, etc. (Full-text).

Annual reports of terrorist groups and activities by country.

Reports on 192 countries with facts about political, economic, and social conditions. (Full-text).

Reports on activities and issues in Congress from 1945 to present. (Full-text).

Policy analysis by topic, voting records, profiles of members, and more. (Full-text).

Reports on "hot" topics with detailed analysis and opposing viewpoints. (Full-text).

A leading source for non-partisan news and analysis of Congress. (Full-text).

Facts about the land, people, history, government, politics, and economy of each nation. (Full-text).

Annual statement of economic data and projections. (Full-text).

Essays on the constitution and major court opinions. (Full-text).

New regulations to be added to the Code of Federal Regulations. (Full-text).

The official Fort Bend County Web site. (Full-text).

An encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture. (Full-text).

The official Harris County Web site. (Full-text).

Information about county and city government. (Full-text).

Library of Congress guide to the legislative process. (Full-text).

News and research on local government. (Full-text).

Reports on the society, economy, government, and security of each country. (Full-text).

A guide to law sources from each nation. (Internet links).

Essays on the history and impact of major public laws. (Full-text).

The official Montgomery County Web site. (Full-text).

Nonpartisan organization with news and research on county governments. (Full-text).

Nonprofit organization that promotes regional collaboration. (Full-text).

Nonpartisan organization with resources on current issues in city government. (Full-text).

Country statistics in 30 topical categories. (Full-text).

Population, health, and environment statistics for 200 countries. (Full-text).

Biographies of each president with links to documents and papers. (Internet links).

Statistics on environment, food, health, knowledge, values and culture, and more. (Full-text).

Official messages, statements, and speeches. (Full-text).

Official messages, statements, and speeches. (Full-text).

Directory of official government web sites. (Internet links).

Transcripts of the annual State of the Union speech. (Full-text).

Transcripts of the annual State of the Union speech. (Full-text).

Official web site with calendars, court opinions, and other documents. (Full-text).

Browse regulations by topic. (Full-text).

Information about consumer protection and legal issues. (Full-text).

Interpretations of existing state laws. (Full-text).

The Texas Online guide to Texas city Web sites. (Internet links).

Information about state funds, taxes, and government programs. (Full-text).

Free and searchable collection of Texas laws. (Full-text).

The Texas Online guide to Texas county Web sites. (Internet links).

Links to court web sites, court rules, and other resources. (Internet links).

Current and historical election results from the Texas Secretary of State. (Full-text).

Basic facts and statistics about Texas government. (Full-text).

Official news and information. (Full-text).

Contact information for Texas courts. (Full-text).

An introduction to the lawmaking process. (Full-text).

Official news and information. (Full-text).

News, research, and other resources on Texas courts. (Full-text).

Statistics on cases in state and county courts. (Full-text).

The official portal to Texas state web sites. (Internet links).

New regulations to be added to the Texas Administrative Code. (Full-text).

Information about elections and business records. (Full-text).

A directory of phone numbers and web sites. (Internet links).

Telephone numbers to contact state agencies. (Full-text).

Contact information for all state representatives. (Full-text).

Contact information for all state senators. (Full-text)

Search state web sites and publications. (Internet links).

State Department list of current treaties and international agreements. (Full-text).

Official Web site. (Full-text).

Official Web site. (Full-text).

Interpretations of existing laws and regulations. (Full-text).

Nonpartisan organization with resources on current issues in city government. (Full-text).

The official portal to all federal court web sites. (Internet links).

Research and educational materials on the federal court system. (Full-text).

Public messages, statements, and speeches. (Full-text).

A comprehensive encyclopedia of law for students. (Full-text).

The official site includes speeches and public statements. (Full-text).

Cabinet and executive officers, plus agency links. (Internet links).

Find your state and federal officials. (Full-text).

Data on economic, environmental, and social indicators for individual countries from 1960 to present. (Full-text).

The online directory Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments. (Full-text).

Profiles of 200 countries and dependencies around the world. (Full-text).

A guide to foreign government web sites. (Internet links).






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