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Over 4,000 political, physical, outline, population, precipitation, climate, historic, and other thematic maps. (Images)

American magazines published between 1693 and 1865. (Full-text).

Search business journals, trade magazines, news, and company profiles. (Some full-text).

A multi-disciplinary database of journals, magazines, book chapters, and government reports. (Some full-text).

The McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology with a science dictionary and biographies. (Full-text).

Accounting, tax management, and auditing trade publications and journals, plus standards from IFAC. Includes non-US accounting and tax publications. (Some full-text).
Note: U.S. GAAP standards are now available in the Accounting Standards Codification. See Accounting and Tax Web Sites.

Electronic books in history and the arts. All books are chosen by scholars. (Full-text).

Journals, magazines, and conference proceedings in the computer sciences. (Full-text).

An index of journals, books, proceedings, and dissertations in computer science. (Citations only).

Essays and images from books on blues, jazz, gospel, and more. (Full-text).

An index of publications in agriculture, animal and plant sciences, and environmental science. (Citations only).

Journal articles related to social gerontology and aging-related content from several disciplines. (Full text).

Magazines, newsletters, and journals in alternative or traditional medicine. (Full-text).

An index of journals, book chapters, and dissertations in United States and Canadian history. (Some full-text).

Journals and magazines in chemistry and related fields with deep historical archives. (Full-text).

U.S. Census Bureau data on people, housing, and business. (Full-text).

Newsreels, archival footage, and documentaries. Historical coverage ranges from 1492 - 2000. (Streaming media).

Books, primary documents, images, sound, and video from the Library of Congress. (Full-text).

Biographies of people who shaped United States history and culture. (Full-text).

American magazines published between 1740 and 1940. (Full-text).

Free Web site with famous speeches in audio, video, or text formats. (Streaming media).

Listen to roots music and popular music from America's past (pre-1960). (Streaming media).

Free Web site with corporate annual reports. (Full-text).

Free Web site with corporate annual reports. Free registration is required. (Full-text).

Review articles on top research topics in biological, physical, and social sciences. (Full-text).

Research papers on cultures of North America, Mesoamerica, and other places. (Full-text).

An index of journals and magazine in art from 1984 to present. (Some full-text).

A digital collection of historical content covering U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture. (Full-text).

An index of journals and magazines in every field of study. (Citations only).

Digital library of images in art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences. (Images).

Comprehensive engineering reference data on materials.

A directory of professional and nonprofit organizations. (Full-text).


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Free Web site with classic books of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and reference. (Full-text).

Every Shakespeare play produced by the BBC, From All's Well That Ends Well through The Winter's Tale. (Streaming video)

An index of journals, magazines, and books on Native American culture and history. (Citations only).

An index of biographies published in reference books. (Citations only).

Biographies of every member of Congress from 1774 to present. (Full-text).

Find short biographies in books, magazines, and websites. (Full-text).

An index of journals in biology, biotechnology, microbiology, and other life sciences. (Some full-text).

Electronic journals in biology, ecology, and environmental sciences. (Full-text).

Multiple databases of historical and current material for researching the past, present and future of African-Americans, the wider African Diaspora, and Africa itself. (Full text and multimedia).

An index to reviews of English-language books in journals and magazines. (Citations only).

Electronic books with an emphasis on subjects in business and technology. (Full text).

Search for book, audio and video titles, whether in-print, out-of-print, or forthcoming. (Full text).

Free Web site with news and documents about corporate human rights practices. (Full-text).

United States economic data, plus commentaries and charts. (Full-text).

See Datamonitor 360. (Please use the new name: this cross-reference will be removed on 3/15/2012.)

Search business journals, trade magazines, company and industry profiles, and market research. (Some full-text).


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Contact information for journals in business, education, and psychology. (Full-text).

Links to hundreds of digitized medieval manuscripts available on the Web. (Full-text).

An index of United States government publications, reports, and testimony. (Some full-text).

Tax codes, regulations, and court cases, plus IRS publications, and the U.S. Master Tax Guide. (Full-text).

Free Web site with reports on specific crime problems and law enforcement responses. (Full-text).

Guide to citation, editing and style questions. Includes sample forms, letters, and style sheets. (Full-text).

Newspaper articles from 1985 to present. (Full-text).

News and opinion from the leading newspaper of higher education, including premium content, a searchable archive of older articles, an interactive jobs center, and data from the Almanac of Higher Education and other special reports. (Full-text).

United States newspapers published between 1897 and 1910. (Full-text).

Information about the geography, people, government, economy, and military of each nation. (Full-text).

An index of scholarly journals published in Latin America. (Citations only).

Listen to classical music. Search by composer, artist, work, genre, or time period. (Streaming media).

Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and books on classical music and musicians. (Full-text).

Online access to 15,000 classical music scores and manuscripts. (Full-text).

Descriptions of, and statistics about, American colleges and universities, including degrees offered in various subject areas, financial aid information, and more. (Full-text).

An index of poems published in books, plus full-text poems, commentaries, and definitions. (Some full-text).

An index of journals, book chapters, and dissertations in communication. (Citations only).

An index of journals and handbooks in communication. (Some full-text).

An index of journals and reference books in computer science from 1955 to present. (Citations only).

An index of journals and magazines in computers, artificial intelligence, and robotics. (Some full-text).

An academic journal with critical reviews of articles and books in computing. (Full-text)
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Research on management, corporate strategy, economic trends, human resources, and more. (Full-text).

Health information from magazines, journals, encyclopedias, and other sources. (Full-text).

Biographies of authors of fiction, poetry, drama, journalism, and history. (Full-text).

Listen to traditional music, popular music, and jazz from every corner of the world. (Streaming media).

Streaming video for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. (Streaming media).

Reports cover prisons, police, trials, civil liberties, women, minorities, worker rights, etc. (Full-text).

Reports on 192 countries with statistics, maps, and news. (Full-text).

Reports on activities and issues in Congress from 1945 to present. (Full-text).

Policy analysis by topic, voting records, profiles of members, and more. (Full-text).

Reports on "hot" topics with detailed analysis and opposing viewpoints. (Full-text).

A leading source for non-partisan news and analysis of Congress. (Full-text).

An index of journals, magazines, and books in criminal justice. (Full-text).

The name of this database has changed. See ProQuest Criminal Justice.
(This cross reference will be removed 8/3/12).

Archive of all C-SPAN programming since 1987. (Streaming media).

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Cover-to-cover archive of the newspaper from 1885 to the early 1980's. (Full-text).

Find 14 key business ratios for United States industries. (Full-text).

Watch video of more than 250 dance performances and documentaries. (Streaming media).

Provides more than 30,000 companies reports (including SWOT analyses), 215 countries reports, 3,000 industry profiles, business strategy reports, and daily news feeds. (Full text).

Facts about the land, people, history, government, politics, and economy of each nation. (Full-text).

An index of doctoral dissertations and master's theses. (Some full-text).


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Electronic books with full-text searching, bookmarks, and personal notes. (Full-text).
Free software is required: download ebrary Reader™

A children's encyclopedia of animal species and behavior. (Full-text).

Search more than 40 research databases in a variety of academic subject areas. (Some full-text).

Electronic books from academic, professional, and popular publishers. (Full-text).

A general database for elementary and middle school students. (Some full-text).

A general database for elementary and middle school children. (Some full-text).

A comprehensive index of journals, books, and other publications in economics. (Some full-text).

Business journals from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Spain. (Citations only).

Company financial reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Full-text).

Journals in management, marketing, engineering, and other fields. (Full-text).

The complete encyclopedia, plus Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. (Full-text).

Detailed, comprehensive information on industries in every realm of American business. (Full-text).

An index to journals, books, and government reports on energy topics. (Some full-text).

An index of journals and books on environmental and sciences and policy. (Some full-text).

An index of journals, books, conference papers, and other education documents. (Some full-text).

Provides financial ratio benchmarks for comparisons in over 700 industries. (Full-text).


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Statistics on specific banks, their branches, and the banking industry. (Full-text).

Search journals, magazines, and reference books in film and television. (Some full-text).

Watch films and video in the humanities, sciences, business, health and social sciences. (Streaming media).

Industry profiles, financial data, and forecasts, plus economic data and forecasts by state. (Full-text).

Latin American and Spanish journals in the social sciences and the humanities. (Full-text).

A general encyclopedia for elementary, middle, and high school students. (Full-text).


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Search multiple authoritative directories on companies, publishers, associations and more. (Full-text).

Basic information from specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. (Full-text).

Essays on the musical traditions of cultures around the world. (Streaming media).

Scholarship covering the full spectrum of gender-engaged and sexual diversity issues. (Full-text).

An index of journals, books, reports, and maps in the geosciences. (Some full-text).

Websites for international business education and research. (Internet links).

A guide to business conditions and cultures in countries around the world. (Full-text).

An Internet search engine for scholarly journals and books with links to UHD-purchased content. (Some full-text).

A comprehensive index of United States government publications. (Some full-text).

The standard encyclopedia of artists, art forms, art styles, and art terminology. (Full-text).

An encyclopedia of composers, instruments, music forms and styles, and terminology. (Full-text).


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An encyclopedia of Texas history, geography, and culture. (Full-text).

Articles from social science and humanities journals about the Hispanic/Latino world. (Full-text).

Facts about the safety, handling, toxicity, and environmental fate chemicals. (Full-text).

This resource is no longer available. For information about alternative health resources, try Alt HealthWatch.
This notice will be removed 8/3/12.

Journals and magazines in nursing and healthcare. (Some full-text).

Consumer information from health magazines, pamphlets, and books. (Some full-text).

Scholarly journals in nursing, healthcare, and related fields. (Some full-text).

A genealogy database with United States census records, and local and family histories. (Full-text).

Journals in the sciences, the social sciences, education, and criminal justice. (Some full-text).
UHD Library subscribes to selected full-text content in HighWire Press.

An index of journals, books, and other publications in world history from 1450 to present. (Some full-text).

A collection of history journals with multimedia supplements. (Some full-text).

This database is no longer available. This notice will be removed 9/1/2012.

In-depth company profiles and financial data, industry analysis, and more (Full-text).

Local and regional news published in the Houston Chronicle from 1985 to present. (Full-text).

Search the text of Houston city laws and regulations. (Full-text).

Search 12 local newspapers from Harris County and other nearby counties. (Full-text).


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The world's largest archive of digital social science data. (Full-text).

Journals, proceedings, and standards in electrical engineering and computer science. (Full-text).

An index of magazines and documents on Texas business, education, history, and government. (Citations only).

An index of journals in information science and librarianship. (Some full-text).

Spanish-language and bilingual magazines on popular culture, healthcare, parenting, and politics. (Some full-text).

Journals on computer applications, information technology, knowledge management, and e-commerce. (Full-text).

Local, national, and international newspapers. (Full-text).

Profiles of films, actors, actresses, directors, and producers with lists of related books and articles. (Full-text).

Short biographies of corporate leaders and entrepreneurs. (Full-text).

An index of academic journals and popular magazines on music from 1874 to present. (Some full-text).

Over half a million indexed articles, plus detailed abstracts and full text from 1864 to the present, covering theatre, dance and film. (Full-text).

Investment opportunities for U.S. companies by country, industry, or region. (Full-text).

Journals, magazines, news, books, and research reports on security and terrorism. (Full-text).

Search audio, video, images, e-books, and other texts. (Full-text).

An index of popular and trade magazines in business and home computing. (Full-text).

Bibliographies of publications on history, languages, and literature. (Citations).
UHD Library subscribes only to selected content. Some content is not available at UHD.


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An online archive of this top medical journal from 1998 to present. (Full-text).

A broad collection of jazz recordings with liner notes. (Streaming media).

Compare how frequently individual journals have been cited by scholars. (Full-text).

Journal archives back to 1831. Recent issues (past 3-5 years) not included. (Full-text).
Purchase made possible by a generous donation from the Rockwell Fund.


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Data on organic and inorganic compounds, spectroscopy, and conversions. (Full-text).

Spanish- and Portuguese-language newspapers from 11 Latin American countries. (Full-text).

An index of scholarly journals in law, the sociology of law, and criminal justice. (Some full-text).

A database of news, legal information, and business information. (Full-text).

See ProQuest Congressional.(Please use the new name: this cross-reference will be removed on 6/10/2012.)

More than 120 of the most important and historically significant LGBT journals, magazines and regional newspapers. (Full-text).

An index of journals, magazines, and books in librarianship and information science. (Some full-text).

An index of journals and books in linguistics, communication, and related fields. (Citations only).

Book reviews, drama reviews, film reviews, and literary essays from historical sources. (Full-text).

Biographies and essays on authors of fiction, poetry, drama, journalism, and history. (Full-text).

An archive of the newspaper from 1985 to present. (Full-text).

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Essays on writers, novels, stories, plays, characters, genres, and national literatures. (Full-text).

See Datamonitor 360. (Please use the new name: this cross-reference will be removed on 3/15/2012.)

Short biographies of 1.3 million people in the United States and around the world. (Full-text).

Magazines, biographies, primary sources, and encyclopedias for high school students. (Some full-text).

General-interest magazines and journals, biographies, and primary sources. (Some full-text).

The most comprehensive index of journals and books in math. (Citations only).

This database is no longer available. (Effective 6/7/11. This entry will removed on 6/7/12.)

Spanish-language medical journals from Latin America. (Full-text).

An index of medicine and the biosciences. See our MEDLINE searching guide. (Some full-text).

Reviews of standardized testing instruments in psychology, education, and related fields. (Full-text).

Comprehensive data about all companies actively traded on the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ. (Full-text).

Company profiles with financial data, ratios, business descriptions, and company histories. (Full-text).

A general database for middle school students. (Some full-text).

Journals and documents in military sciences and national security. (Some full-text).

The most comprehensive index of journals, books, and dissertations in literature. (Some full-text).

Audio, video, and books in classical music, dance, folk music, jazz, and more. (Streaming media).


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Reports, books, and newsletters in criminal justice from 1997 to date with abstracts back to 1960. (Some full-text).

Primary sources in United States history and literature from 1492 to 1968. (Full-text).

Free Web site with research reports on prisons, jails, probation, and parole. (Full-text).

News and opinion polls about the United States Congress and the federal government. (Full-text).

Search and compare countries using a variety statistical measures. (Full-text).

Information about health conditions, herbs and supplements, alternative therapies, and functional foods. (Full-text).

Now known as EBSCOhost E-Books. (This cross-reference will be removed on 7/21/12).

No longer available. See EBSCOhost E-Books. (This cross-reference will be removed on 7/21/12).

An archive of the newspaper from 1980 to present. (Full-text).

National, international, and local newspapers from 1995 to present. (Full-text).

Current and archive editions of the National Fire Codes. (Full-text).

A sourcebook of chemical properties, structures, and spectral data. (Full-text).


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Career information with facts on training and education, job prospects, and working conditions. (Full-text).

A multi-disciplinary index of journal and magazine articles from 1982 to present. (Some full-text).

Watch video of more than 250 opera performances and documentaries. (Streaming media).

Editorials, news, statistics, multimedia, and web sites on controversial topics. (Full-text).

The African American experience in primary source documents, images, and maps. (Full-text and images).

Information about artists, art forms, and terminology. (Full-text).

Biographies of people who shaped the history and culture of Great Britain. (Full-text).

Definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, and spellings for half a million words. (Full-text).

Information about composers, musicians, instruments, music forms, and terminology. (Full-text).

English and bilingual dictionaries, quotation dictionaries, and specialized subject dictionaries. (Full-text).

More than 2,500 electronic books from Oxford University Press. (Full-text).


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An index of papers presented at academic conferences from 1993 to present. (Citations only).

Articles from over 550 periodicals in the social sciences and humanities from 1665 - 2000. (Full-text).

An index of journals and books in philosophy from 1940 to present. (Some full-text).

An index of plays in anthologies by title, author, subject, style, genre, type of cast, or grade level. (Citations only).

Journals, periodicals, articles, abstracts, and conference papers covering global political topics. (Some full-text).

Resources on American popular culture from 1900 to the present. (Full-text).

A comprehensive database of magazines, reference books, and images for elementary school children. (Full-text).

An index of proceedings from academic conferences, symposia, and workshops. (Citations only).

Journals, magazines, books, and pamphlets in education and related fields. (Some full-text).

Electronic journals in the humanities and the social sciences. (Full-text).

U.S. Congressional publications such as bills, hearings, speeches, and voting records.(Full-text).

An index of journals and magazines in criminal justice and security. (Some full-text).

List of all available ProQuest databases. Select one or more databases when searching. (Some full-text).
Note: Historical databases cannot be combined with searches of non-historical databases.

An index of doctoral dissertations and master's theses. (Some full-text).

Cover-to-cover archives of top U.S. newspapers from 1764 to 2003. (Full-text).

The Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and Washington Post. (Full-text).

Scholarly journals from the American Psychological Association and other publishers in psychology. (Full-text).

Books and book chapters from the American Psychological Association. (Full-text).

Scholarly journals in psychology. This content is also available in PsycINFO. (Some full-text).

Start here for research in psychology journals, books, and dissertations. (Some full-text).

Data on properties, structures, and biological activities of small molecules. (Some full-text).

Learn about opportunities for publishing in journals or presenting at conferences. Full-text).

An index of medicine and the biosciences. See MEDLINE for the full-text version. (Citations only).


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A digital archive of unpublished manuscripts. (Full-text).

A list of books recommended for college libraries. (Citations only).

An index of news and general-interest magazines from 1890 to 1982. (Citations only).

Scholarly and scientific articles from, and about, Spanish-language regions. (Some full-text).

A complete list of American businesses with contact information, officers, credit rating, and more. (Full-text).

Regional business journals and newswires covering U.S. cities and rural areas. (Full-text).

Journals and magazines in religion and philosophy. (Some full-text).

Journals, periodicals, articles, reports, summaries, books, blogs, FAQs, and news wires that pertain to all types of risk (including credit, liquidity, operational, event, and market risk). (Full-text).

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Current books in business, computer science, and information technology. (Full-text).

Journals in communications, criminology, education, health, management, political science, psychology, and sociology. (Full-text).

Journals and books in the sciences, the social sciences, and business. (Some full-text).
Note: UHD Library does not subscribe to all full-text content in ScienceDirect.

Journals in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, geology, physics, and materials science. (Some full-text).

Search this top scientific journal from 1996 to present. (Full-text).

A database of chemistry journals, plus chemical properties, structures, spectra, and reactions. (Some full-text). Note: This database has a limited number of simultaneous connections.

Short essays about the lives and works of important authors from around the world. (Full-text).

Company financial reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. (Full-text).

Search EBSCOhost databases with security management content. (Some full-text).

Price and contact information for journals, magazines, and newspapers. (Full-text).

An index of stories published in books, journals, or magazines, plus 1,600 full-text stories. (Some full-text).

A virtual encyclopedia of the world's musical and aural traditions. (Streaming media).

An index of journals, books, and dissertations in social work and related fields. (Some full-text).

An index of journals and books in sociology, social work, and criminology. (Some full-text).

Comprehensive data on viruses and their hosts. (Full-text).

Journals in biomedicine, materials chemistry, computing, psychology, and other fields. (Some full-text).
Note: UHD Library does not subscribe to all full-text content in SpringerLink.

Electronic textbooks and reference books in medicine and psychology. (Full-text).

Social, political, and economic statistics of the United States from 1878 to present. (Full-text).

A comprehensive database for middle school and high school students. (Some full-text).


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Complete plays by Spanish dramatists of the 16th and 17th centuries. (Full-text).

Newspapers from Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Galveston, among others. Coverage from 1836 to 1985. (Full-text).
After opening this database, click the "Newspaper Titles" tab to view available newspapers.

Journals, magazines, and book on Texas history and culture. (Some full-text).

Detailed maps of Texas cities from 1867 to 1970. (Full-text).

Bills, treaties, reports, and other legislative information from the U.S. Congress. (Full-text).

Information on current topics and controversial issues. (Full-text).

National and state data on merchandise exports, imports, and trade balances. (Full-text).

Statistics on aviation, highways, freight transport, passenger travel, and transit. (Full-text).

An incomplete but growing handbook of biological names and relationships. (Full-text).

Electronic books about authors of novels, stories and poems. (Full-text).

Thousands of full-text poems by prominent American poets. (Full-text).

Thousands of full-text poems by prominent English poets. (Full-text).


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Contact and ordering information for journals, magazines, and newspapers. (Full-text).

Free Cornell University Law School web site with the text of the business law standard. (Full-text).

Research reports, books, maps and other publications in geology from 1882 to present. (Some full-text).

Information about U.S. government officials, departments, and offices. (Full-text).


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Stock reports and commentaries for individual companies, plus general analysis of economic trends. (Full-text).

A comprehensive encyclopedia of chemistry. (Full-text).

An index of trade magazines and other publications intended for vocational education. (Some full-text).


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An archive of the newspaper from 1984 to present. (Full-text).

An archive of the newspaper from 1987 to present. (Full-text).

A cover-to-cover archive of the newspaper from 1877 to 1996. (Full-text).

An index of high impact research journals in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. (Citations only).

The best source for legal research, plus news and business information. (Full-text).

A catalog of books, dissertations, sound recordings, and videos in libraries around the world. (Citations only).

Facts, statistics, biographies, and other information from the World Almanac & Book of Facts. (Full-text).

Data on economic, environmental, and social indicators for individual countries from 1960 to present. (Full-text).

Journals on the history of Africa, Asia, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. (Full-text).

Documentaries covering the earliest civilizations to the late twentieth century in Africa and the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Oceania. (Streaming video).

Profiles of 200 countries and dependencies around the world. (Full-text).


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Company profiles, stock prices, financial statements, insider trades, news, SEC filings, analyst updates/downgrades, institutional/mutual fund ownership, competitors, and ratios for public companies from 1962 to present. (Full-text).


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