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W.I. Dykes Library

About the Library

The mission of the W. I. Dykes Library is to support the University's academic programs and to facilitate teaching and learning by providing learning resources, new technology and information service to the faculty, staff and students to meet their curriculum, research and information needs.

Library Goals

  1. Provide and organize resources in common print, audiovisual, and electronic formats to meet the ever-changing curriculum, research, and information needs of the UHD campus community.
  2. Make information resources accessible and available to components of the UHD campus community independent of the individual’s location, background, and physical and learning abilities.
  3. Provide services and outreach that facilitate the awareness and use of library resources by the UHD campus community.
  4. Continue to recruit, support, and retain a high-quality and diverse library staff to meet the expanding library needs of the University.
  5. Improve and expand library physical facilities to provide a high level of library support for an urban, master’s-granting institution.
  6. Address selected community information and library needs in support of the University’s recruitment and outreach efforts.



Library Annual Reports


Student Survey 2013

Student Survey 2012

By The Numbers


  • Physical books: 197,361
  • Digital books: 232,372
  • Physical journals: 452
  • Digital journals: 85,717
  • Research databases: 216
  • Physical A/V items: 3,518
  • Digital A/V items: 54,096


  • Computer terminals: 84
  • Scanning stations: 2
  • Group study rooms: 13
    Presentation practice rooms: 2
  • Instruction rooms: 2


  • Librarians: 15.5
  • Library staff: 21
  • Student assistants: 15

Library Use 2011/2012

  • Book Circulation
  • Physical: 44,044
  • Digital: 223,554

  • Audio/Video Circulation
  • Physical: 4,142
  • Digital: 17,865

  • Classes and tours: 224
  • Students attending: 4,623
  • Articles downloaded: 405,957
  • Interlibrary borrowing: 2,411
  • Interlibrary lending: 5,165
  • Reference questions: 16,096
  • Reserves circulation: 5,312

Library Renovation Project 2008-2010

Library Renovation Project 2008-2012


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