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How to Connect to Databases

Library databases provide access to journals, magazines, newspapers, books, encyclopedias, and other electronic publications. Databases are available in the Databases & Articles section of the library Web site. If you are using a computer that is part of the local network on the downtown campus, simply click on the name of a database to connect and begin a search. If you are using a computer that is not located on the downtown campus, you may be asked to enter a user name and password in order to connect.

Username and Password

Current students, faculty, and staff can connect to most resources from Databases & Articles or UHD Library Catalog.

To connect, you will need one of the following accounts:


  • Current students use your username and password. See MyUHD if you don't know your username or forgot your password. You can also use your 900# and password.

    NOTE: You must be registered during a semester to be considered a current student.


  • Current faculty and staff use your campus computer account (UHD e-mail username and password).


Due to license restrictions, we cannot provide remote access to alumni, students and faculty from other universities, students who are not registered during a semester, or vistors.

For E-Reserves Course Reserves, all users need an additional password provided directly to students by the instructor of each class.

Login Problems

As mentioned above, if you are using a computer that is not located on the downtown campus, you may be asked to log in.If you encounter errors when logging in, you can try the steps outlined below.

Otherwise, please contact the IT Help Desk for all login problems (the library cannot resolve login issues).

If the login screen will not accept your MyUHD account, please try the following:

• It may help to reset your password. To do so:

  1. Connect to MyUHD.
  2. Choose "Student e Services"
  3. Choose "My Personal Profile."
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Choose "Reset Password" and follow the instructions.

If you receive an error beginning "This is cookie.htm from the docs subdirectory"

This means that you have not enabled cookies in your web browser, or else you have a program (such as an antivirus program or 'privacy protector' program) that is blocking cookies. Cookies are required to establish your authentication to UHD Library resources, and may also be required by a given database.

Most browsers allow cookies by default, so something or someone has changed that setting on your browser or your computer manufacturer set it to be off or blocked.

To correct this, you must do any one, or combination of, these:

- enable cookies in the browser (this might look like a check box or setting for blocking cookies; uncheck the check box)
- disable any cookie-blocking software
- reduce (lower) your privacy settings if using Internet Explorer (Tools menu > Internet Options menu > Privacy tab)

You can also try downloading and installing a web browser such as Firefox or Chrome, which should have cookies enabled by default.

Plug-In Software

Some electronic documents require the following free plug-in software:

Technical Problems

If you are able to log in but cannot connect to a database, electronic journal, or electronic book, report the problem by using Ask a Librarian or call the Information Desk at 713-221-8187. If you see an error message when you try to connect, please tell us what the message says.

If there is a known problem with a library database, we will post a notice on the UHD Library Blog.


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