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Applying for Direct Loans


Federal Direct Loan Process
NOTE: You must complete and submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before we can determine your eligibility for Federal Direct Loans. Many students rely on federal government loans to finance their education.

These loans have low interest rates and do not require credit checks or collateral. Student loans also provide a variety of deferment options and extended repayment terms. Student loans include the Federal Direct loans, both subsidized (the government pays the interest while you're in school) and unsubsidized (you pay all the interest, although you can have the payments deferred until after graduation).

We will award you to the maximum extent of your eligibility, based on your grade level/classification at the time the award was made. Direct Loans have a fixed interest rate, and your lender is the Federal government. For more information on Direct Loans view the Direct Loan FAQ.

Entrance Counseling
Students who have not previously borrowed under the Federal Direct Loan Program at UHD must complete Entrance Counseling prior to student loan disbursement. Entrance Counseling explains the loans process and your obligations as a student borrower. Students who borrow Direct Loans at UHD only need to complete Entrance Counseling once.

Master Promissory Note
All student borrowers must also complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) prior to loan disbursement. The Direct Loan MPN lasts for ten years, and needs to be completed only once for UHD borrowers. The MPN includes the terms and conditions of your student loan and is considered your promise to repay the loan. The MPN requires students to list two references who do not share the same last name, address, or phone number as the borrower.

Exit Counseling
Students who graduate or drop to less than half-time status (less than six credit hours) must complete Exit Counseling on the Direct Loans website. Exit Counseling provides an overview of a student’s rights and responsibilities as a borrower with an emphasis on repayment. Students who apply for graduation from UHD will receive information regarding exit counseling from the financial aid office. This is a Federal regulation and cannot be waived. Students who do not complete Exit Counseling will receive a hold on their student account for non compliance.

Instructions for
To begin the Direct Loan process, follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Sign in at the top left of the screen. (You will need your FAFSA PIN to sign in).


  • Click on “Complete Entrance Loan Counseling.” Read information about the loans and answer questions on each page.

Student Login

  • After you complete Entrance Loan Counseling, click on Master Promissory Note.  You will need two references that do not share the same last name, address, or phone number.
  • Check your financial aid status on e-services here. Log in with your SSN and password. If you are a first-time user, you will need to select a password.
  • The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) will send your award letter to your Gatormail e-mail address.


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