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Financial Aid Forms


Borrower Acknowledgement Disability Discharge Form  

Form required for students who have had previous Federal Stafford or Direct loans discharged due to disability.



Consortium Agreement


Forms required for students seeking financial aid at UHD while attending UHD and another institution. Institution participation in the program is limited to approved institutions.


Dependency Appeal Form


Form for students with unusual circumstances that prevent them from getting parental information to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Family Size Clarification


Form required to clarify family household size for students. Required by request only.


Federal Authorization Statement


Your authorization is needed in order for federal student aid funds to be allowed to pay for non-institutional charges such as parking tickets, parking permits, student health insurance, etc and any minor prior year charges.


Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose

Form for verifying a student’s identity and educational purpose.


Income Adjustment Form


Form for students who may have extenuating circumstances that would affect eligibility for financial aid.


Institutional Verification Form


Form required for students/parents whose Student Aid Report was selected for Verification by the Department of Education. Verification is a random selection process. At least 30% of UHD’s population must be verified.


International Student Application


Financial aid application for international students.


Low Income Statement


Form required for students whose income reported on the FAFSA application appear to be unusually low.
Required by request only


Parent Borrower Authorization Form


Form required for parents borrowing a PLUS loan. W-9 FormDirect Deposit Form


Post-Baccalaureate Certification Form


Form required for students who have received their 1st degree and are seeking financial aid as a post-baccalaureate student.


Private Loan Budget Form


Form is required for students who are only applying for an alternative loan and are declining all other financial aid. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the FAFSA to take advantage of federal, state and institutional funds that are available.


Request to Release Information


Form to request photocopies of submitted documents.


Revision Request Form

Form to update any changes in status, such as enrollment, address, loan preference etc.


Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal


Form for students who have lost their eligibility for financial aid due to lack of satisfactory academic progress and are appealing for reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility.


Statement of Student Eligibility

This form is required for all students who have been awarded the TEXAS Grant.


Summer Financial Aid Application


Form to apply for financial aid for summer.


Texas Application for State Financial Aid  (TASFA)

Form for students who are classified as Texas residents and ineligible to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Texas B-On-Time Alternative Loan Form

Application form for the Texas B-On-Time Alternative Loan


Unaccompanied Homeless Youth Form

Form required for students who indicated on the FAFSA they are homeless or an unaccompanied youth.


Unusual Enrollment History Review Form

This form is required for students whose FAFSA was flagged for unusual enrollment history by the Department of Education.


Verification of Child Care

Form for students paying for child care at a day-care center or home center.


Verification of Child Support Paid

Form to verify values reported on FAFSA for child support paid.


Verification of Food Stamp-Snap

Form to verify values reported on FAFSA for Food Stamp or SNAP benefits received.


Verification of Parental Support

Form required for dependent students who did not include parental financial data on the FAFSA and are only applying for Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loans.


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