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Consortium Agreements

What is a Consortium Agreement?

A Consortium Agreement is a written agreement between two eligible schools. This agreement allows a student to be co-enrolled at University of Houston-Downtown and another institution and receive financial aid based on the combined enrollment at both institutions.

The Home School is the school where the student is seeking their degree and is the college that will award the financial aid for the term.

The Host School is where the student temporarily takes courses that will transfer back to their Home school. The courses taken at the Host school must be applicable toward the student’s degree at UHD.

What are the Steps for completing a Consortium Agreement?


Print and read all the information regarding the Financial Aid Consortium Agreement.



Complete Section I (Student Criteria) on the form.



Take the Consortium Agreement to a UHD Academic Advisor to complete Section II.



Forward the Consortium Agreement to the Host School's Financial Aid Office to complete Section III.



Submit the Consortium Agreement and a copy of your schedule and billing statement from the Host Institution to UHD's Financial Aid Office.


What Happens Next?

If the credits for which you are registered at the Host School pertain to your University of Houston-Downtown degree program, the credits will be added to your registered credits at UHD. Your financial aid will be based on the combined number of credits for which you are enrolled at both institutions.

At the end of the term it will be your responsibility to provide UHD’s Financial Aid Office with a grade transcript from the Host School. A Hold will be placed on your UHD record until the transcript is received.

NOTE: When you receive financial aid from University of Houston-Downtown, you must pay your Host School for the credits for which you are enrolled. If the Host School requires that you pay for your tuition prior to the beginning of the term, you will want to discuss other payment arrangements until your financial aid is received.

You must notify UHD Financial Aid Office of any changes in your enrollment status at the Host School.

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