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Standing Committees


Staff Council standing committees serve a special purpose for the Council and are called for as they are needed. Those committees include Membership and Elections, Appointments, Events, Communications, Staff Affairs, and Special Ad Hoc.



Eligibility: No elected officer of the Staff Council Executive Committee is allowed to chair a Staff Council standing committee.

Term: The term of committee membership runs from September 1 through August 31.


Standing Committees

Membership and Elections Committee

The Membership and Elections Committee is responsible for recommending to the Staff Council President nominees for filling vacancies and for overseeing and conducting the annual campus-wide Staff Council Elections.


Appointments Committee

The Appointments Committee is responsible for recommending staff representatives to standing and other University committees for Staff Council approval. These recommendations must be presented for approval at the next Staff Council meeting. Upon approval, these representatives are forwarded to the appropriate committee officer or administrator. Representatives to standing or other committees are responsible for obtaining and presenting a summary or copy of approved committee meeting minutes of each committee’s activities at least twice a year in January and July to the Staff Council.


Events Committee

The Events Committee is responsible for planning all special campus events for staff, such as the Staff Awards, Holiday Adopt-A-Family Program, and other activities selected and approved by the Staff Council.


Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for Staff Council Orientation, maintenance of the Staff Council bulletin board (located at the 2nd floor garage entrance and updated a minimum of once per quarter), and all external communication, including releases to University media.


Staff Affairs Committee

The Staff Affairs Committee is responsible for reviewing all issues affecting staff on campus (i.e., benefits, parking, safety, staff development and training, annual forum with the University President, and Edge Award.)


Special Ad Hoc Committees

Ad hoc committees may be appointed by the Staff Council President as needed.



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