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The President shall preside at all meetings of the Staff Council and chair the Executive Committee; abide by the stated rules of order when conducting meetings; refer all matters submitted for the Staff Council's attention to the appropriate committee(s) and/or to the university President; maintain and update a calendar of events relevant to the Staff Council for the coming year; prepare a written annual report of the past year's activities and progress and make it available to all members of the Staff Council prior to the September meeting; serve as ex-officio member of all Staff Council committees; serve as liaison to the Faculty Senate; to serve as liaison to the university President, both keeping the university President informed regarding concerns of the Staff Council and seeking the university President's support and advice on behalf of the Staff Council.


The Vice President shall preside over the Staff Council in the absence of the President or in the event the President requests the Vice President to serve during the course of a meeting; assist the President in performing leadership responsibilities; accept names of persons interested in serving on standing committees and to make appointments on the basis of the person's preference where possible or, in the absence of volunteers, make the necessary appointments to committees in consultation with the Executive Committee; call a meeting of any committee that is not fulfilling its responsibilities; and make and distribute yearly, immediately following appointments, a list of Staff Council committees and their members to all Staff Council members.


The Secretary shall be responsible for minutes of each Staff Council meeting, including the distribution of minutes to representatives before or at the next scheduled meeting of the Staff Council; collect, receive, and maintain at a central location, minutes of Staff Council meetings, minutes of committee meetings, copies of any articles, flyers, audio, video, or other forms of recording and annual reports; serve as Secretary for the Executive Committee, keep minutes of the Executive Committee’s meetings and notify its members of meeting dates and locations; and maintain the system of overlapping terms.


The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial aspects of the Staff Council functions, including maintaining accurate records of all Staff Council financial activities, reporting on these activities at each Staff Council meeting, and verifying the number of representatives authorized for each voting district. The Treasurer shall have signature approval authority on all expenditures. No expenditure shall be made without the prior approval of the Treasurer and the President or his/her designate.



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