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On July 30, 1986, Dr. Schilt sent a memo to staff proposing the creation of a staff council. Lee Ellwood was Dr. Schilt's assistant and deemed as the liaison to the council by Dr. Schilt. Staff-wide (200+ staff) elections were held and on October 13, 1986, the first group elected to create/form a staff council met with Dr. Schilt. On December 18, 1987, a meeting was held with members Penny Ellis, Vickie Black-Lewis, Robert Jurica, Terry Elliot, Marilyn Allen, Angie Mifflin, Laura Olejnik, Martha Cantu, Lloyd Matzner, Kenneth Allen; Penny Ellis was elected President; Bylaws were established. The first official meeting of the Staff Council was January 7, 1988.


Past Presidents

Tiziano Hernandez 2012-2013
Elliot Ballard 2011-2012
John Lane 2009-2011
Karen (Alfaro) Rivera 2008-2009
Kenya Hicks 2006-2008
Lucy Bowen 2004-2006
Yesenia Montoya 2002-2004
Scottie Attaway 2001-2002
Brenetta Brooks 1999-2001
Gary Greer 1997-1999
Marie Cepeda 1995-1997
Mersades Richard 1994-1995
Lloyd Matzner 1992-1994
Nan Benz 1991-1992
Said Fattouh 1990-1991
Vickie Lewis-Black 1989-1990
Penny Ellis Founding President elected December 18, 1987.




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