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Frequently Asked Questions


What happens when a UHD Program that requires state approved training is conducted on the campus of a Component University?

The UHD Program Operator is treated like a third party by the Component University. Likewise, when a component University conducts a program for minors on UHD's campus, the component University Program Operator is treated like a third party.


What happens when a volunteer does not have a social security number, which is required for a background check?

The Office of General Counsel has determined that we cannot deny an individual the opportunity to be a volunteer at a campus program for minors because he/she does not have a social security number.  Accordingly, we will exempt volunteers with no social security number from the criminal background checks requirement.


The volunteer is still required to successfully complete the training.


When filling out the TDSHS - Campus Program for Minors Form what information do I fill in for UHS training?

UH System Training Course Name: University of Houston System Child Protective Training

UH System Course Approval Number: CPM12-0072

Harris County Code Number: 101

Link to other Texas County Code Numbers



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