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Smoking Areas


Definition of Smoke or Smoking

Creating smoke by lighting a cigarette, cigar, pipe or other smoking product. These terms also mean to puff on, carry, or hold a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or other tobacco product or to be in possession of a burning tobacco product.


Smoking Policy

  • Smoking is not permitted within any building which is the property of the University of Houston – Downtown
  • Smoking is not allowed within 25 feet of any doorway or building entrance
  • Smoking is prohibited in University owned or leased motor vehicles


Designated Smoking Areas (DSA)

Smoking is only allowed outside of campus buildings

in the following designated smoking areas:


One Main Building - 1st Floor

  1. Girard Street entrance:  East end past the Police Department
  2. Girard Street entrance:  West end near the employee parking garage
  3. Loading Dock:  (For Contractors and Employees) South end of the loading dock past the Main Street Elevators

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One Main Building - 3 rd Floor

  1. South Deck (Facing Downtown Houston) tables by the One Main Building bordering the Academic Building
  2. North Deck, east of entrance to the One Main Building

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Commerce Building - 1 st Floor

  1. Main Street under the portico, center section


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Shea Street Building - 1st Floor

  1. Main Street under the portico, center section



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