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Policies and State Law


UH System Administrative Memorandum: 03.A.05 - Contract Administration

UH-Downtown Policy Statement: Financial Affairs 05.A.06 - Contract Administration Policy

Board of Regents Policy 57.01 Contracts

State Law

Texas GovernmentCode 403.0551 (Prohibits contracting with vendors who owe money to the State of Texas)

Consequences of Policy Violation

Predefined minimum consequences for violation of contracting policy is as follows:

Tier 1:  Notification to employee regarding corrective action provided throughout the contracting process

Tier 2:  Accounts Payables "Violation of UHD Policy Statement" 

Serious Violation/Fraud:  Disciplinary action up to and including termination

Anonymous Reporting System (MySafeCampus)

General Information

MySafeCampus is a 24-hour incident reporting system that is completely confidential and anonymous.  Now it’s easy to report campus incidents and concerns.  Either log on to or call toll-free 800-716-9007 to make a report 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This confidential reporting system will instantly and discreetly forward the report to the appropriate persons at UHD and within the UH System.  The individual making the report will be provided with a confidential access number and asked to generate a personal password.  This access number and personal password will allow the individual to anonymously re-enter the site for updates at any time.  The individual will be able to both send and receive anonymous messages pertaining to their report, and if desired, participate in any follow up.

The issues that can be addressed via this confidential system fall into two categories:

  • Compliance and Regulation Violations
  • Fraud

MySafeCampus is:

  • Anonymous
  • Fast and Easy to Use
  • 24/7
  • Confidential
  • Free
  • Safe

All contacts are confidential and individuals using the reporting system are assured anonymity when they request it.  UHD and the UH System reserve the right to act or not act on any information provided unless required to do so by law.  Neither UHD nor the UH System is required to disclose its response or actions pursuant to any information that may be provided or reported.  The intentional misreporting of information may be actionable and subject to criminal investigation.



This service is not an emergency hotline or a substitute for using 911.  In the event a life-threatening emergency, users are to immediately call 911

For more information about MySafeCampus, contact your Compliance Officer, Mary Cook. ((713) 222-5340 or


How to Use MySafeCampus

Go to the MySafeCampus web page:

Click “Go!” to make a report.

Type “University of Houston-Downtown” as the institution and click “Enter.”

Select the correct campus from the drop down list.

Complete the Electronic Incident Report, which includes the following sections:

  • Check the box indicating you have read the Terms and Conditions
  • Approximate date and time of incident
  • Location of incident
  • Incident description – choose one of the following under Type:
    • Compliance/Regulation Violations (i.e. institutional compliance issues), or
    • Fraud
  • Please list the individuals you suspect may be involved
  • Confidentiality – choose one of the following:
    • Remain completely anonymous (i.e. both university and MySafeCampus), or
    • Remain anonymous towards institution (i.e., university only), or
    • Do not care about anonymity
  • Your personal follow-up password – allows you to track the progress of the investigation

Review and submit your report




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