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Why Do We Need a Compliance Program?

Employee Compliance and Ethics Guide

Compliance and Ethics


From the Chancellor's Desk







from the



Dear UHD Faculty and Staff,


Compliance is the personal responsibility of every employee of the University of Houston- Downtown.  Our mission, as a public urban university committed to providing quality academic programs, places each individual member of our faculty and staff in a position of public trust. In an environment of ever increasing federal and state regulations, it is important that each one of us fulfills that trust by performing our job responsibilities:


  • In accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations and policies,
  • With the very highest standards of ethics and integrity, and
  • In a manner that avoids even the appearance of impropriety.


The Employee Compliance and Ethics Guide is part of the Institutional Compliance Program and has been developed as a tool to help us meet the challenges that face the University.  While most employees are aware of compliance standards and are sensitive to these issues, I believe that this guide will give you a better understanding of your ethical and legal obligations by providing you with information and resources about appropriate conduct in the workplace.


I encourage you to use this Employee Compliance and Ethics Guide to make decisions about ethical issues that may arise in the workplace.  If you encounter a situation you question or you believe violates laws, rules, regulations or policies, I encourage you to consult your supervisor or contact UHD’s Compliance Officer, Mary Cook at (713) 222-5340.  Alternatively, MySafeCampus provides you with 24 hours a day, 7 days a week anonymous inquiry or reporting option.  You can either:



Your partnership in maintaining a high personal and professional standard in the workplace is not only important, but is also critical to the success of both the Compliance Program and the overall mission of UHD. 


Thank you for your participation in this program and for all you do for the University of Houston–Downtown.



Dr. William V. Flores, President

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        • Purpose
        • Compliance Program


      • Ethics Policy
      • The University of Houston System Ethics Policy

Contacts with the Media

      • When a Reporter Calls
      • When You See a News Reporter or Photographer on Campus
      • News Releases
      • When a Reporter Calls About Your Area of Expertise
      • Before an Interview

Contacts with Government Agencies and Outside Investigators

Information and Records

      • Information
      • Accuracy of Records
      • Retention and Disposal of Records

Workplace Conduct and Employment Requirements

      • Fraud
      • Equal Employment Opportunity
      • Harassment in the Workplace
      • Overtime Compensation
      • Family and Medical Leave
      • Outside Employment Financial Interest


Environmental Health and Safety

        • Workplace Health and Safety
        • Protection of the Environment
        • Drug-Free and Weapon-Free Workplace

Contracts and Agreements

Use of UHD and State of Texas Resources

      • Use of State Owned Property
      • Computer Software
      • Information Security and Confidentiality
      • Computer System Access and Passwords
      • Purchasing

Copyright and Intellectual Property

      • Use of Copyright Material
      • Intellectual Property

Political Activity and Contributions

      • Political Activities
      • Political Contributions

Gifts, Gratuities, Estates and Honoraria

      • Gifts to UHD
      • Gifts Made to Influence Decisions
      • Gifts from Persons Doing Business with UHD and/or UH System
      • Honoraria

MySafe Campus - Anonymous Incident Reporting System



Employee Compliance and Ethics in a Nutshell

Why Do We Sign an Acknowledgement Form?

Compliance Committee Members

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