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Campaign Committee

  • Melissa Abrams-Jackson, ESO (ext. 5337)
  • Liza Alonzo, Student Services (ext. 8682)
  • Susan Henney, CHSS (ext. 8163)
  • Belinda Hernandez, COB (ext. 5324)
  • Tim Redl, CST (ext. 5224)
  • Mary Torres, Business Administration (ext. 8611)
  • Leigh Van Horn, COPS (ext. 8991)
  • Jaha Williams, Advancement & External Relations (ext. 8184)

Department Coordinators

Department Coordinator Phone Ext.
Academic Affairs (Suite S-950) Laura Dillard 5049
Administration (Suite S-910E) Stephany Records 8636
Administration (Suite S-380) Jackie Trahan 8507
Admissions & Recruitment Ceisha Love 8554
Advancement Jaha Williams 8184
Advising & Mentoring Angela Parrish 8298
Budget and Procurement George Anderson 8449
Business Affairs George Anderson 8449
Business Services Stephany Records 8636
Career Development Center Chandra Slaughter 8078
College of Business Houghton Brown 7962
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Catherine Jager 5347
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Rachael Dickson 8104
College of Public Service Dawn McCarty 7904
College of Public Service Ashley Blackburn 5326
College of Public Service (Urban Education) Leigh Van Horne 5279
College of Science & Technology Erin Hodgess 5242
College of Science & Technology Brad Hoge 8289
College of Science & Technology Judith Quander 5281
College of Science & Technology Vassilios Tzouanas 5272
Community Relations Jackie Trahan 8507
Community Relations Shannon Cunningham 5513
Compliance & Ethics Stephany Records 8636
Disability Services Jamesha Kelly 8148
ESO Stephany Records 8636
Facilities Maintenance Megan Gillman 8956
Financial Aid Nikki Dysila 2795
Health Center Shannon Cunningham 5513
Information Technology Cheryl Robertson 8256
Library Irma Placencia 8461
Police Department Fred Varela 8651
President's Office Jaha Williams 8184
Registrar's Office Chandra Slaughter 8078
Risk Management Stephany Records 8636
Sports & Fitness Rhonda Scherer 8481
Student Activities Siara McMahon 2725
Student Services Shannon Cunningham 5513
Testing Services Myrte Grove 8027
University College Angela Parrish 8298
Veteran's Services Siara McMahon 2725


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