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Campaign Trendsetters


Liza Alonzo
George Anderson
Edith Arredondo
Cora Battle
Ronald Beebe
Barbara Belbot
Noёl Bezette-Flores
Maria Bhattacharjee
Samuel Bible
Chris Birchak
Ashley Blackburn
Brian Blackwell
Katrina Borders
Houston Brown
Isiah Brown
Steven Cachia
Kai-Cheng Chen
Myrna Cohen
Cynthia Conner
Mary Cook
Consuela Cooper
Edmund Cueva
Grace Davila
Heather Davis
Stacie DeFreitas
Oscar Delacruz
Ruben Diaz
Laura Dillard
Brian Drake
Michael Dressman
Mariana Elliott
Anne Engerrand
Pat Ensor
David Epstein
Gail Evans
Said Fattouh
Michael Fields
Charlie Finch
Bill Flores
DoVeanna Fulton
Sandra Garcia
Carlos Garza
Jon Garza
Rose Marie Garza
Jason Gregory
Crystal Guillory
Belinda Hernandez
Brad Hoge
Wan-Yen "Abbie" Huang
Ed Hugetz
Wajid Iqbal
Jeffrey Jackson
Sara Jahansouz
Jerry Johnson
John Kelly
Cheryl King
John Lane
Iride Lazo
Megan Lee
Tomikia LeGrande
Nancy Leveille
Jacob Lipp
Reubenjack Long
Ceshia Love
Courtney Lundgren
Sue Mahoney
Carol Manousos
Bonnie Mar
Cesar Mogollon
Ivonne Montalbano
Erica Morales
Lisa Morano
Whitney Morgan
Mitsue Nakamura
Gladis Navarro
Brian Nguyen
David Nguyen
Kwame Opuni
Neil Orts
Hitesh Patel
Elaine Pearson
Rebecca Pfeffer
Franklin Phan
Lori Ramirez
Stefany Records
Timothy Redl
Cheryl Robertson
Miguel Ruiz
Guadalupe Samudio
Rhonda Scherer
Danielle Scott
Richard Sebastiani
Hossein Shahrokhi
Debra Shouldice
Syeda Sikandar
Plamen Simeonov
Jackie Slack
Jacqueline Smith
Kim Solomon
Andrea Sears
Patricia Strohl
LaMont Suggs
Diane Summers
Mary Alice Torres
Melissa Torres
Jackie Trahan
James Akif Uzman
Shane Vaz
Jaha Williams
Johanna Wolfe
Yi Yang

Faculty and Staff Campaign


Faculty and Staff Campaign Committee

This year, our UHD family is celebrating 40 years of serving Houston area students. The success of UHD has largely depended upon the collaboration of our valued faculty and staff, who affect higher education in the Houston area and beyond. Through the annual faculty and staff giving campaign, our colleagues unite once again to make a significant difference in our students' lives. Collectively, our gifts provide financial support for student scholarships and program development.

Why We Give

State funding and student tuition only cover a percentage of a university's operating budget. Additional funds are required to support our programs, provide scholarships and improve our campus.

100 percent of gifts from this campaign are designated to student scholarships! No funding is used to support the University. With a large selection of scholarships and programs, you can put your dollars where you hope to make the greatest impact. All unrestricted gifts fund the greatest need of the university and help bridge the gap between state support, tuition and fees and operational expenses.

Regardless of the size, every gift makes a difference.




Faculty and Staff Campaign

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