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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a procurement card (p-card)?

A charge card issued to an employee of the University for the purposes of making authorized purchases on the University's behalf.


How can I obtain a p-card?

Complete the Cardholder Application/Approval Form which contains the signature of the applicant, applicant's supervisor, College/Division Administrator and submit to the P-Card Administrator or Coordinator.


Will the p-card show up on my credit report?

No, the University's line of credit is used. No credit checks are conducted on applicants.


What are the responsibilities of the P-Card Administrator and Coordinator?

The Administrator is responsible for administering the p-card program and acting as the primary liaison between the University and the bank. The Coordinator is responsible for training cardholders, assist with monthly statement processing and spot-checking statements to identify and review questionable transactions.


What is CitiManager?

A Citibank web (internet) system that allows cardholders to view their monthly


What is the Global Card Management System (GCMS)?

A Citibank web system used to automatically view transactions (24 to 48 hours after transaction date) and cost allocate transactions (assign purpose/benefit statement, accounts and cost centers).


What should I do if my p-card is lost, stolen or damanged?

You must notify the bank immediately at 1-800-248-4553 and the Program Coordinator or Administrator.


What if I need to dispute a transaction?

Fill out the Citibank Cardholder Dispute Form and contact the P-Card Coordinator.


What should I do if my transaction is declined?

Check to verify:

-Correct credit card number entered

-Correct expiration date entered

-Transaction amount does not exceed $5000.00

If the above information is correct, contact the P-Card Coordinator/Administrator.


What should I do if I misplaced my receipt?

First contact the vendor and try to obtain a copy of the receipt. If unable to retreive a copy, the cardholder must fill out the Missing Receipt Form.


What can and can not be purchased on the p-card?

Acceptable Improper
Office supplies Personal use or non university purposes
Registration fees Travel-related purchases (hotel, car rental, meals, etc)
Coffee supplies

Items exceeding $5000.00 and splitting to avoid exceeding the limit.

Reference Material HEAF funds.


How do I split transactions in GCMS?

View attached document Splitting Transactions.


What if I need my CitiManager user id, password or challenge question(s) reset?

Contact Citibank 1-800-248-4553.


What if I need my GCMS user id, password or challenge question(s) reset?

Contact the P-Card Coordinator/Administrator.


What if I'm using another departments cost center on my p-card?

You will need to obtain approval from the department (email or signature on Citibank statement) and send the department a copy of the receipt.


What if I am charged sales tax on my p-card?

First contact the vendor and attempt to get the sales tax removed. If attempt to remove sales tax is unsuccessful contact P-Card Coordinator.


How do I view the compliance self assessment tool for Procurement Card?

This information is provided on the Compliance & Ethics website.


How can I view information concerning UHD’s compliance program?

This information is provided on the Compliance & Ethics website.


Last updated or reviewed on 9/26/14

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