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Procurement Cards (P-Cards)


What is a Procurement Card or P-Card?

The University of Houston Downtown Procurement Card Program provides a cost effective way to make certain purchases by reducing the time and effort required to complete the procurement to payment process. All Procurement Card (P-Card) purchases must directly benefit the University of Houston Downtown. The P-Card may not be used to make personal or other purchases that do not benefit the University directly. All P-Card transactions must be verified for accuracy and the correct cost center and account must be assigned to each transaction.

How can I obtain a P-Card for my department?

An original completed Cardholder Application/Approval Form for University Procurement Card (Exhibit A, PS 05.C.09) must be submitted for each prospective Cardholder to the Program Coordinator.

This form must contain the default cost center used to clear the cardholder’s P-Card transactions and the signature of the applicant, applicant’s supervisor, Dean/VP or designee.

The applicant must complete P-Card training and sign a Cardholder Procurement Card Agreement Form (Exhibit B, PS 05.C.09) acknowledging responsibility for proper use of the card before the card will be released.

Which transactions are prohibited on a P-Card?
  • Items for personal use
  • Items for non-University purposes
  • Cash advances
  • Consulting services
  • Travel-related expenses, other than for registration fees
  • Gasoline for a rental car or personal vehicle
  • Financial services
  • Scholarships, stipends, tuition, and fees
  • Purchases that require a Purchase Order - Radioactive or hazardous materials, Animals, Leases, and Transactions greater than $4999.99
  • Class 3b and 4 lasers and biological safety cabinets
  • Vehicles
  • Other purchases prohibited by University policy (e.g., flowers for employees or family members of employees, greeting cards, etc.)
  • Advertisements for staff/faculty employment ads
  • Rental/Leases, service agreements and maintenance agreements
  • Items charged to contracts/grants that are not allowed by sponsor
Required Documentation
  • Receipts and/or other supporting documentation provided by the vendor
  • Business purpose must be written on the receipt or attachment
  • For business meals and other official functions include—business purpose of event, name and affiliation of attendees if 10 or fewer, or number of attendees if 11 or more people
  • Cardholders with cost center responsibility should indicate the cost center to be charged on the receipt or attachment
  • Signed expense report from Citibank Global Card Management System (CGMS) and Citi Manager
Gift Cards

A Gift Card Request Form will need to be completed for all gift card purchases made.

Taxable Payments or Reimbursements to Employees Form (Exhibit B will need to be completed for any employee (including student assistants) who is awarded a gift card.

A distribution log for the gift cards must be maintained by the department for accountability. The recipient must sign and date distribution log.


Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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