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When is a travel request required?

A Travel Request (TR) form should be completed for ANY form of travel used when conducting official UHD business outside of the place of employment. Travelers Information Request (TIR) form should be completed in advance before the TR is submitted. Travel Requests must be submitted to the UHD Travel Office 10-15 working days for domestic travel and 30-60 days for international travel.


Note: A TIR does not confirmed booking of the travel. An approved TR must be submitted to the UHD Travel Office.



Signature Requirements

Traveler - if not available, a faxed copy of signature before travel is required
Supervisor/Unit Head - required for all travelers
Certifying Signature - required for all travelers
Officer of Contracts/Grant - only required for travel charged to a sponsored contract or grant
Provost/Vice President or Designee- required for travel for direct reports and foreign departure or destination and university guest
President or Designee - only required for travel with a foreign departure or destination other than Canada or Mexico

Documentation required for submission
  • Travel Request
  • Travel Voucher
  • Any additional documents required per PS 01.A.08
  • Attached to Travel Request - Travel itinerary reflecting lodging/rental car/airfare estimated costs; conference/training information reflecting dates (1st page), location, provided meals; signed actual lodging authorization form if needed; mileage calculation breakdown; per diem allowance printout from GSA website.
  • Attached to Travel Voucher – e-Ticket reflecting actual booked cost of airfare; airfare quote from Travel Office if paid out of pocket (cheaper cost); original hotel bill reflecting zero balance; original ground transportation receipts, copy of approved Travel Request, conference/training information (meal info); mileage calculation breakdown (i.e. MapQuest; Texas Mileage Guide. Multiple day non overnight trips need to be itemized on log); per diem allowance printout from GSA website.
Local Travel Mileage

Standardized Mileage from UHD and Intra-city Mileage


Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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