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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

Local Voucher for Non-overnight Personal Car Mileage/Parking/Tolls Checklist


Documents Required
Signatures Required

Travel Voucher

Certifying Signature

Travel Request

Travel Purchase Order

Mileage Report or Equivalent

Supervisor, Dean, SVP/VP or designee

Additional General Review Required

The total amount per Travel Voucher agrees with the total amount per Mileage Report or Equivalent.

No change was made in the PS system after the Voucher Coversheet was paid.

The proper account codes are used.

Non-Overnight Meals (Travel within Texas) meal receipts are not to exceed $30.00 and are reimbursed as IRS taxable fringe benefit to UHD employees. Claimed receipted expenses in this category will be added to employee’s W-2 information.

Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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